Monday, February 17, 2014

Wow–Somebody cranked up the heat!

We had a quite a weekend here in Arizona this weekend, and record-high temperatures coincided with the President’s Day holiday weekend to bring everybody out to the lake!

The campground is full, with lots of groups and kids, making it feel like Michigan in July!  I think it’s also the first holiday weekend that we haven’t had a burn ban in effect . . .

We started the weekend off by attending the RV Supershow in Peoria.  We saw a few motorhomes that we hadn’t seen before, but nothing that we fell in love with.  After dinner at the Tilted Kilt (quite the Valentines’ Day dinner location . . . the food was good, though), we arrived back at the campground under a glorious full moon.

Full Moon over the lake

The nights have been wonderful, and we’ve been able to sleep with the windows open for the last several days . . . even need the fan on the last couple of nights!

Full Moon on Valentine's Day

On Saturday, Tom and Nicolas went to a used auto auction in the morning, and Bryce and I stayed home.  We were having ribs for dinner, so I got them pre-baked in the oven early before it got too hot.  I took this opportunity to read outside in the sun, and it was great . . . Casey joined me for awhile,


and we watched the hummingbirds fly around.





When Tom and Nick got home, we decided to take a drive down to the lake where Casey could swim.

Usually the area where Desert Tortoise Rd. is flooded is a nice spot to take her. 


The water is usually crystal-clear, and the paved road makes it feel like you are walking into a swimming pool . . . and no burrs to get caught in Casey’s feet!

We had underestimated the crowd, though . . . on Saturday, the water was really churned up and there was a lot of debris washing up into this area.  Also, a boondocker had set up his motorhome here, blocking half of the road . . . and he was having a party!


We took Casey down there for a few minutes anyway, so she could cool off and chase a stick in the water.  Afterwards, we sat on the shoreline watching the crowds while she dried off in the sun. 


Nicolas gave her a good brushing-out first.



This weekend was the busiest we’ve ever seen the shoreline.













This popular boondocking spot was really crowded!


Bryce and Tom skipped rocks, and we watched some ducks swim around,


and some boats, too.











Back at the RV, we grilled our ribs and enjoyed our dinner outside.  Afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful sunset while we sat around the campfire . . . a perfect camping weekend!

Sunset_February 15th


  1. ahhh that looks so enjoyable! wonder how that guy could have been able to park his rig so close to the shore? great spot yah, but blocks it for anyone else in the area who would like to share the space. Some people are so selfish and only think of their best time. sigh.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Sounds like a really nice weekend. Nice boondocking spots!


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