Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quieter Days at the Lake


After 2 solid weeks of the campground being filled to capacity with spring break campers, it was really nice to get back to normal this past week.  Even Tom commented that he preferred the peace & quiet of the campground when there are just a handful of campers around . . . and he usually likes people!



We enjoyed some downtime this week – played some cornhole, made a new batch of fire starters,


and had a few campfires in the evenings.




Casey enjoyed the quieter campground, too . . . without all the razors running around!













We had a few days near 90 degrees this week . . . we even had to break down and turn on the A/C . . . and Nicolas found a better spot to take Casey swimming!

Jumping in!

I've got the stick!

All we need is a nice stick, and she’ll jump in the water all day long!



Shaking the water off!

Waiting for Nicolas to throw the stick!










Nicolas was throwing the stick pretty far, and she kept jumping right in and swimming out to get it . . . nothing tired her out!

Casey swimming

She just kept waiting for the stick to be thrown back into the water!

She doesn't take her eyes off the water while she's waiting!


She's watching for the stick to be thrown











After her swim, she dried off in the sun and Nicolas brushed her out really well . . . and she looks like she just came home from the spa!



The end of March is drawing near, and it’s almost time for us to move on.  After 4-1/2 months in one place, we’re all getting a little bit of “hitch itch” and we’re ready to see some more new territory!

We had a few more beautiful desert sunsets this week . . .



including one day when there was a thick film of dust in the air!


March 26th_Dusty Sunset


More dusty sunset


  1. Yea... Spring Breakers were out in force down here as well. Even with the wet, chilly weather...doesn't bother the kids;o)) OK, how do you make fire starters??

    1. Some people we were camped near in Ohio once showed us these:
      cardboard egg carton (I make 4 fire starters out of 1 carton), packed with dryer lint, and soaked with melted candle wax. They burn really well, and last a long time, giving your campfire time to get going well. It takes awhile to save up enough dryer lint, and cardboard egg cartons can be difficult to find, but we're usually able to make some about 2 - 3 times/year. We went to goodwill, and bought a bunch of old candles and a saucepan to melt them in.

  2. We've noticed the quietness of this week as well. Some parents needed to teach their children that constantly screaming at the top of their lunges is not a pleasant sound.
    Glad to see Casey's enjoying some fun too.
    Great pictures as always.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I was going to ask how to make the firestarters but I see you commented with the directions!! enjoy the peace and quiet now that all the spring breakers have left!!
    Tucker would have been in the water with Casey..nothing like the water and a stick to make a pooch 'dog tired'!


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