Monday, March 17, 2014

Tragedy on the Lake


I was busy doing laundry and sewing Thursday afternoon, so I was completely unaware of all the activity going on up at the campground and visitor center until Bryce called me.

There were multiple emergency vehicles at the visitor center, a Sherriff Department helicopter circling the lake, and several news helicopters hovering, as well.



We found out later that a group of 4 people had been scuba diving by the old Waddell Dam, and one of the divers was missing.  At the time he was reported missing, they figured he had about 2-1/2 hours of oxygen left in his tank.

The maintenance boats, along with the Sherriff’s boat were all out on the lake, searching for the diver.



The water at the dam is much deeper than I realized

250 feet!

The dive team continued searching well into the evening, using robot technology to search the deep water.


On Friday morning, they were back at it, with the helicopters again hovering around the lake and the dam.





Finally, on Friday afternoon – almost 24 hours from when he was reported missing – the diver’s body was found and recovered in the area of the old dam.  It was a very sad and unfortunate event on the lake, but at least his body was recovered – I’m sure the family was relieved.


See the news coverage here.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the diver. We hear a lot about divers being killed here in Florida in the caves, but I guess it can happen anywhere.


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