Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Training Baseball



The Phoenix area is home to the Cactus League, spring-training central for 15 of the major league baseball teams.

Pretty much anywhere you are in the valley, there is a spring training field nearby.






We were told that Surprise Stadium, winter home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals, was the friendliest, so I told Bryce to pick out a game for us to go to. 

Surprise Stadium

On Wednesday, the Texas Rangers were playing the Los Angeles Angels.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and a great day for baseball.

We bought tickets for the lawn, and joined the rest of the crowd enjoying the hot, sunny afternoon.

Lots of people enjoying the game

Lawn seats











We didn’t get there early enough to see any batting practice,

Getting the field ready

Straightening the field










but it wasn’t long until the teams came onto the the field and started warming up,

Warming up

Rangers warming up










and signing a few autographs.

Getting autographs

The game got underway, and the Angels quickly took the lead.

Getting started

Not even ex-Tiger, Prince Fielder, could get a good hit.  The Rangers had a bad day, and lost to the Angels 12-1.

Former Tiger, Prince Fielder

The game wasn’t too exciting (almost a complete blow-out), but we’d still rather be sitting there in the sun and warm weather, than back in Michigan where it was cold and snowing!




  1. What a great way to spend a day. Your family is going to have so many good memories of AZ. Becki

  2. Looks so warm and sunny!! Lucky you:o))

  3. play ball!!! you had to pay for a piece of grass?..that sounds a bit strange but it sure looks like it was a fun day!


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