Saturday, July 26, 2014

A peaceful spot overlooking Lake Superior

Woodland Park


We heard about Woodland Park Campground, a Burt Township Park in Grand Marais on Lake Superior, from David & Sherry.  The sites have water, 50amp electric and cable, but no sewer . . . and they are in a beautiful location!

They don’t take reservations, but we called and were assured that we would not have any trouble coming in on Monday or Tuesday.

So, we were surprised to arrive on Tuesday and see the campground pretty full!  The Park Manager pointed out a few sites that she knew were empty, but told us to go ahead and drive through and find a site we liked.  If there was no tag on the post, the site was available.  There was a motorhome and another 5th Wheel looking for a site at the same time, but fortunately we had the car and could maneuver more easily through the roads.

The motorhome was stopped in front of one of the lakefront sites,

Waterfront Sites

so we just drove around them and continued on to the next site.

Site 7 was a large site at the end of the road,

Woodland Park Campground -- Site 7

across from the playground and the open area overlooking the lake.

A great spot for watching the sunset!

It seemed like both of the other campers may have been interested in this site, but we just pulled the car onto it, and called Nicolas on the radio to bring the RV around.

We got set up and had some lunch, and then Tom and the boys went to play basketball while I got some work done. 

Going to try out the water!It was a beautiful day, and the lake looked really inviting . . . so they decided to try out the water!

Tom thought they were a little crazy.

At the beach


The beach was beautiful!

Sable Dunes & Lake Superior

The boys put their feet in the water, but it was pretty cold and they didn’t get much further!  Casey was ready to go in, though!

Casey wants to get in the water!

Nicolas found a stick to throw for her, and she dove right in!

Casey likes swimming in the cold water!












I think she was shocked by the cold, though . . . she wasn’t too anxious to go back in again!

Not sure she wants to go back in!

Later in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up quite a bit.  This was more how I remember Lake Superior!

Rough Water

Waves crashing on the beach












It’s still a beautiful sight, though!

Big Waves on Lake Superior

What a difference a day makes!

Wednesday’s temperature was a lot cooler than Tuesday, and it was still a little windy, but the lake had calmed down and we had a beautiful sunset!

Looking out at the lake

July 23rd Sunset










Peaceful evening on the beach

Yep – it was a pretty nice location!

Nice site!


  1. That sure is a beautiful place!! Lake Superior sure looks like the Ocean with all the breakers...beautiful!!

  2. What a great park! That's where we'll head to next summer.


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