Friday, July 18, 2014

We’re back in our home state of Michigan!

We were originally going to spend a couple days in Wisconsin (so we could fill it in on our map), but with cold rainy weather moving through, it didn’t look like we would do much exploring of the Apostle Islands, so we decided to just get all the way into Michigan, adding a stop in the western part of the U.P., where we could explore the Porcupine Mountains and Keweenaw Peninsula.

Breezing through Wisconsin!


We took the bridge over the St. Louis River and arrived in Wisconsin.

Continuing on Rt. 2, we travelled through on and off rain.  Wisconsin looked a lot like Michigan!



The road was good, and we saw lots of wildlife – deer, a coyote that tried to cross the road in front of Bryce and I, but thankfully turned back just in time, and a bald eagle feeding on a deer carcass right on the edge of the road.  That was one HUGE bird!  I didn’t get any pictures, though – happened too fast!

We arrived in Michigan in the rain, and I almost missed the sign because there was construction at the border, and we were in a detour when we crossed the state line (of course!) . . . but I got a blurry picture anyway!

Construction at the Wisconsin/Michigan border made me almost miss the sign!

Bryce was watching a spot of blue sky in the midst of the clouds, and he was determined that it was going to be right over our campground . . . sure enough, he was right!

We arrived at the River Road RV Park in Ontonagon, MI, where we could choose just about any site we wanted.  We chose site 6 and got setup.

Site 6

River Road RV Park









The first couple of days were cloudy and chilly, although we didn’t get any more rain – perfect for getting work done, planning our next few stops, and cleaning out last years school stuff.

The dog show in Duluth had motivated Nicolas to look up dog grooming online, and he decided to see what he could do with Casey.



Casey getting groomed

Ready for her treat


He did a really good job, and she cooperated with him the whole time!  Now she’s finished, and waiting for her treat!  She’s sure going to miss that boy when he’s gone!








We finally got some sun late in the afternoon on Wednesday, and even though it was still too cold for swimming, we went to the beach for a little while.  The boys want to even out their farmer tans!

Checking out the beach

We had heard that there was a Township Park in Ontonagon, so we drove through the campground to check it out.

Nice campground!

Ontonagon Township Park










The campground was really nice, with great sites, right on the beach!  They only have water and electric hookups, but the park has a nice new dump station.  We could easily have fit into many of the sites, and would have loved staying here if we had know about it earlier.  We’ll take note for future reference.

The boys had fun on the beach,

Bryce's "Michigan Football" grave


Replanting a tree

DSC_0219and managed to get some sun, too!

Tom and I went back later to watch the sunset.

Waiting for sunset

Waiting for sunset

A really nice beach










As the sun moved lower in the sky, passing behind the clouds, the colors were amazing to see!


Beautiful Sunset - July 15

























It finally disappeared into Lake Superior, and it was time to head back to the RV before the mosquitoes carried us away!!


They’re pretty fierce this summer!!



We’ve got some good weather in the forecast, so hopefully the rest of our travels in Michigan will be picture-perfect!


  1. Michigan is on our "TODOS" list so we will be watching. Love the Sunsets over the lake already:o))

  2. That just makes the saying "There's no place like home" sound all the more appealing. Then again in an RV "Home is where you park it".
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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