Monday, July 28, 2014

Tahquamenon Falls

From Grand Marais, we could go back out to M-28 and take the long way to Tahquamenon Falls, or we could take a shortcut on a couple of back country roads.

We opted for the adventure of the back country roads!

Driving the backroads

Sandy roads










Some of us enjoyed the drive and the beauty of the scenery, but others just complained about the long drive on a dusty road!! Smile  We only made one wrong turn, resulting in 3 miles of back-tracking . . . you would have thought we went a hundred miles out of our way!

It was a cooler day, but with sunny blue skies, it was a perfect day for exploring the falls.

We finally arrived at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the Upper Falls,

upper falls 1960

(my Grandma’s picture, from 1960)

and found a table in the sun for our lunch.

Beautiful day for a picnic lunch

Upper Falls Trail


After lunch, we followed the paved trail along the Tahquamenon River to the Upper Falls  overlooks.

Tahquamenon River

We followed the trail to “The Brink”, and soon the magnificent Upper Falls came into view.

Upper Falls

Thanks to all the snow that Michigan had this past winter, the falls were flowing really well.  It was a similar situation when my Grandma was here in 1960,

upper falls 1960_2

upper falls_2007


but quite a bit different when my brother, Don, was here in 2007 – a lot less water!








Nick & Bryce at the Upper Falls

Enjoying a beautiful Day











From there, we followed the trail along the river again, down 116 stairs (it seemed like a lot more than that!),

Climbing down to the Gorge Overlook

to the Gorge Overlook, which provides a river-level view of the Upper Falls.

Upper Falls

There is a trail that follows the river from the Upper Falls to the Lower Falls, and there is even a shuttle service that will take hikers back to their cars (for $19/person), but we opted to just drive the 4 miles down to the lower falls.

Once again, a short hike too us to the overlooks of the falls.

Lower Falls

Lower Falls











The Lower Falls are actually a series of 5 waterfalls that surround an island in the center of the river.  These falls are a lot smaller and calmer than the upper falls (at least on the left side of the river), and people can rent canoes and rowboats to take over to the island, and there were even people walking in the water around the falls.

Canoeing on the River

Peaceful island in the middle of the falls

To the left of the island, it looks pretty peaceful, but on the right side, the rapids were still flowing pretty well!

Lower Falls











By the time we left Tahquamenon Falls, we were pretty close to the little town of Paradise, and Whitefish Point, so we decided to continue on along M-123. 

We reached Whitefish Point, and got out to look around.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse


Whitefish Point is the northeastern point of the UP, and it’s where Lake Superior meets the St. Mary River.  The water there is often very rough, and it has been the site of many shipwrecks.


The historic buildings are all part of the Shipwreck Museum, so admission is charged to enter them.  One ticket gets you into everything, and the prices is actually not too bad, but my non-history buffs were not interested, so we just walked around the grounds for a few minutes.

Coast Guard -- Whitefish Point

It wasn’t warm enough to be in the water, but there were a few people on the beach.

People looking for agates on the beach

It was a nice day, but we were ready to head back to the Campground for dinner . . . and we didn’t take the shortcut this time!

Whitefish Point

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  1. Kathy and I agree that you can only see so many museums before they start looking the same. However if the price is right you should not overlook it because you never know if you will ever return to that site again in your life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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