Monday, March 16, 2015

A weekend drive

Bryce went to a paintball event with Emily on Saturday, and was going to be gone all day, so Tom and I decided to take a drive out towards LaBelle to check out a couple campgrounds and have lunch at a restaurant that Rick & Kathy had recommended to us.

We drove out Palm Beach Blvd (FL-80) from Ft. Myers, through LaBelle, to our first stop at Glades RV Resort.  Rick & Kathy had stayed there in January, and they told us they are going back again next year.  The office wasn’t open on the weekend, so we couldn’t find out if they used work campers, but it looked like a nice RV park with lots of friendly people.  It’s surrounded by a golf course, so it would be good for somebody who enjoyed a lot of golf.  It’s also on the Caloosahatchee River, so would be good if you had a boat, too.

We don’t have a boat, and we don’t golf, and it’s probably a little further from “civilization” than we want to be . . . particularly if we are spending the whole winter in one location again.

We drove a little further east, but then turned around when we didn’t see anything else but farm fields.  On the way back, we drove through the COE Campground at Ortona Locks.  It’s a nice little campground on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River, overlooking the locks.  It was a very nice campground, and it would be a great spot for a few nights of rest & relaxation.

Back in LaBelle, we were now starving . . . so definitely ready to stop at the restaurant recommended by Rick & Kathy . . . Log Cabin BBQ.

Log Cabin BBQ

It was crowded, but we were able to find a table and got seated.  The BBQ smelled wonderful, so I ordered pulled pork and smoked beef, and Tom decided to try the pan-seared fish.  In addition to the sides that come with the meal, they were also offering free cups of soup.  Tom had cream of potato, and I tried the brunswick stew – it was really good – pulled pork and vegetables in a tomato-based broth.  YUM!

Between the soup and our dinners, we were stuffed . . . but didn’t pass up the free dish of ice cream offered after the meal!  We did, however, pass on the 2nd helping of ice cream that our waitress offered!!  I’m not sure how often they offer free soup and ice cream, but we thought it was really nice . . . and the food and service were both great!

We continued back towards Ft. Myers, but stopped in at one more RV Resort.  Riverbend Motorcoach Resort is a Class A only resort (so we couldn’t stay there, or even work there, right now), but Tom had been here once before to check on some electrical issues we were having at our resort, and he wanted me to see it.

We stopped in the office, where they were glad to arrange a tour for us.  Mike picked us up with his golf cart,

Enjoying our tour

and was more than happy to show us many of the spectacular features of the resort.  They have several small lakes within the resort,

Sites around one of the lakes

and all the recreational amenities that people look for – pickleball, tennis, fitness room, a gigantic pool, and even an R/C track.

R/C Track

The boys would LOVE this!

Many of their facilities – like this track, and a model train “community” were developed and funded by resident volunteers.  Mike was telling us that they have a remarkable level of volunteerism in the resort.  They even have a clubhouse (a beautiful one!) with a full restaurant and bar, where all the cooking, serving, and entertainment is provided by volunteers.

We stopped in there, and they had a band playing on the porch, and residents were gathered in the bar, listening to the music.

Riverbend Clubhouse

We finished our tour with a stop at Mike’s site – he overlooks one of the lakes, with a beautiful raised patio next to the water.

The view from Mike's site

It was a beautiful resort, and we both really liked it . . . but we’re not in the market for any property . . . and we couldn’t even work camp here until we change to a motorhome!  It was nice to look at, though! Smile

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  1. Sorry the Glades doesn't fit your needs and that's understandable but it gave you an idea of what we liked about it. One thing we did like for us is that there are a lot of Festivals in the area and they are not all on the same weekends so that helps keep us busy outside of the park.
    We'd also heard of the River Bend but since we plan on keeping our trailer that's not one for us. Our friends Rick and Elaine Cochrane from New Brunswick had an A Class RV and had checked it out. They found out that the price was expensive and the Park verifies that your RV is less than ten years old before allowing you to stay there.
    We've tried many of the different dishes at The Log Cabin. When we found out that they had won competitions for their Ribs we tried them and have been hooked ever since.
    Looking forward to seeing you in NC.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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