Saturday, March 28, 2015

The winter season is winding down


The calendar changed from winter to spring last week, and the migration form southwest Florida to northern states has begun in earnest.  RVs pull out of here every day as the snowbirds head back to their northern summer homes.

The wildlife is still around, though . . . egrets and herons, including this Great Blue Heron that was enjoying the solitude of the new lake in the back of the resort.

Great Blue Heron

He only had to share his space with a couple of Wood Storks.

Wood Stork


Wood Stork


Tom and I have had a few interesting wildlife encounters . . . last week, a fellow camper reported a large turtle on one of the sites on the lake.  We made our way down there, and found her laying eggs in the grass between the site and the water.


Several weeks ago, we were driving through the construction area in the back of the park when we happened upon a very large tan cat . . . we were shocked to see it, and determined that it was a panther.  Wow!  That was really cool . . . and I wish I had my camera with me!

We’ve gone back to the same area several times since then, but haven’t seen it again . . . just footprints . . .


We’ll keep looking for it, until we leave . . . and I’m going to keep my camera handy!

Meanwhile, last night was the resort’s Farewell Dinner Dance with the Chicago Mob.

Chicago Mob

(can’t get very good pictures with my phone in the low light!)  The band was really good, and very entertaining! 

Luckily, Bryce’s basketball game was on late, so he was able to help Bob with the dishwashing.

Hard at work

Bob is always glad to have Bryce’s help . . . and he likes to goof off a little, too!     and a little goofing off!










Watch out, Bryce . . . you’re going to get wet!!

We’re starting to get ready to move on, too.  Nicolas made our reservation up at the base for the last week of April, and we’ve been busy planning our stops on the way there, as well as a little vacation with Nicolas after his graduation  We’re really looking forward to it!

It’s been really hot down here in southwest Florida this past month – it’s felt more like mid-summer than early spring!  A cool-down was predicted for this weekend, and we were actually looking forward to a few cooler days – we could give the A/C a break! 

Tom and Bryce took advantage of the cooler day today to wash the RV, and I gave the inside a good spring cleaning, and packed several things away . . . it was a long overdue cleaning day!

Tomorrow . . . we’ll take some time for fun!


  1. We'll be moving Slowly north starting Tuesday. Don't want to rush it as the kids just got a fresh coating of snow back home.
    Not the size of cat you'd want to meet in the dark. That turtle's nest should be staked off so nobody disturbs it.
    Looks like Bryce is learning to interact socially with all the age groups and have some clean fun. (Shoes Included)
    Have fun visiting with Nicolas.
    We'll see you in NC.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Send some of that hot weather up our way, we sure could use it. 😄


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