Sunday, March 1, 2015

Edison Festival of Light Parade

Edison Festival of Light

Parade Kickoff

After our adventure with the manatees in the morning, we went back to downtown Ft. Myers Saturday night for the Edison Festival of Light Parade.


Tim & Denise decided to ride along with us, and we found a convenient parking spot on First St., just outside the barricades.

We walked several blocks to the main area of downtown, where there were LOTS of people waiting around for the parade to start.

 We were at the end of the parade route, but we could hear the fireworks that indicated the beginning of it.  We moved a block closer to the waterfront where we could see the fireworks.  It was a pretty good spot, but somebody from the Sherriff’s Dept. told us that it would be a good couple of hours before the parade got to us.  Yikes!

We decided to walk a little further on First St., to get closer to the front of the parade, but the roads were a lot more crowded.  As the parade approached,      DSC_0372









it was pretty tough to get a good view of the action.  We decided to go back to our original spot, where there was less of a crowd, and we got there just as the beginning of the parade was arriving.  Good Timing!


There were motorcyles,


and marching bands,


Pipe & Drum Band











-- both young and old!

High School Band

There were vehicles too numerous to count!

Chopped Top Crown Vic

Model T





































Lighted Jeeps


There was a royal court – the normal version,

Royal Court

and the smaller version!

Junior Court











There were well-known characters,


It's Mater!

V8 Cafe

















and cyclists.


Everybody was well-lit . . . even the jellyfish!


One of our favorites was the group of motorcycle police from Indianapolis – they put on quite a show in the road right in front of us!

Motorcycle Police

Trick Riding


This guy was really amazing – he rode his motorcycle the entire length of the street, standing on the seat!

Don't try this at home!












The Shriners were pretty interesting, too!






The parade felt like it was going on, and on, and on . . . sure enough, everytime we thought it might be ending, we would see more lights coming towards us!

Just about every High School in the area had a Junior ROTC group,

Junior ROTC

and there were fire trucks from every surrounding community, including this bright pink one!

Pink Firetruck

There were even German dancers!

Deutchland Dancers

Finally, though, we spotted this guy . . .

The End

and it was time to walk back to the car!  We had been standing on the corner, watching the parade for 2 hours!  It was a long one!

It was fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed it . . . it was a beautiful evening, too!


  1. WOW... you had one long day of fun:o)) Great Parade!!!

  2. That parade was Fantastic and like you said it just kept going on and on.
    The story behind the Pink Firetruck is that all the signatures on it are Cancer Survivors. After a woman survived a bout of cancer herself she wanted to make people aware that it is a beatable disease so she and her husband purchased a retire firetruck painted it pink and invited other Cancer Survivors to sign there names. They traveled with it and as you saw there are signatures covering the entire truck but there are now more Pink Firetrucks traveling the country collecting names of Cancer Survivors.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, Rick! I knew it had to do with cancer survivors, but hadn't heard the full story!


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