Saturday, July 10, 2010

Golf (if you can call it that!)

Friday was a beautiful day . . . warm and sunny, with the humidity gone!  Since we drove around so much on Thursday, nobody was interested in going anywhere, so we just hung out at the resort all day.  Tom and the boys went fishing in the morning, and they had a few nibbles and a sighting of the giant catfish, but weren't catching much.  They wanted to golf, so after fishing they spent some time warming up on the practice green.

Twilight rates started at 3:30pm, so that was when we planned to hit the course.  The first hole was pretty much a disaster, and had us wondering if they gave refunds . . . LOL!  We improved (slightly) from there, and even managed to keep the balls on the correct fairway most of the time!  Nicolas showed the most promise,

and finished in the leader position after our 9 holes.  Tom did OK once he was on the fairway, but was having some trouble with his tee shots.

Bryce did OK too, and managed to come in ahead of me!

He even found a few new golf balls!

9 holes was all we could take, and we went back to the RV for a nap and dinner after that!  What REALLY would have felt good would have been a dip in a pool . . . but there isn't one here!  After dinner, before we even had time to wash the dishes, Linda announced that the polar bears we being processed!  We all gathered at Roger & Joyce's Mobile Suites and enjoyed our ice cream drinks.  Joyce even made non-alcoholic drinks for Nick and Bryce -- she's so nice to them!!  We chatted and drank until the mosquitos chased us inside at 10pm, as usual!  We were still tired from golf, so we hit the sack early . . . no computer or reading tonight!

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