Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

(Howard loaned me his mini-USB cord, so I was able to upload the pictures I've taken so far -- Thanks, Howard!!)

On Sunday, Tom and I and the boys went to 10am mass at St. Augustine's in Hillman, and then headed to Alpena to the Maritime Heritage Museum and 4th of July Festivities.  The RV-Dreamers were having a potluck DINNER, and we couldn't find anybody in the morning to verify the time, but we figured we'd be back early enough . . . little did we know!! LOL

Anyway, we met up easily with our friends Mona, Mario and their boys Aleck & Nic, and Mona's Mom, when we arrived in Alpena.  Together, we all toured the Maritime Heritage Trail where we saw several working ships,

and the Museum.  We toured this Schooner, which was built to feel like you were on a sinking ship -- it really felt like it was moving -- really cool!,

and saw lots of shipwreck artifacts.  Bryce and Nic were thirsty when we got back outside, so they tried their hand at controlling a robot (via a computer terminal in a tent) to pick up a pop in a pool. 

Apparantly, it was not as easy as it looked, but they got a pop anyway, just for trying!

We all had a bite to eat, and then went our separate ways.  They drove up to Presque Isle to see the lighthouses, and we stayed in Alpena for the parade.  It was a pretty good parade . . . we saw old cars,



firetrucks and marching bands,

old trailers,



festival queens, 

and superstar look-alikes! 

It actually went on for quite a while, and we didn't get back on the road to the Thunder Bay Resort until 3pm.  I thought it might be tight to get my cake assembled in time for the potluck, but at least I had the pasta salad pretty much ready to go.

Arriving back at the RV Park, we saw H & L and a few others gathered under the tent, so we walked over to see what time the dinner was supposed to start --- only to find out that we had missed the whole thing!!!  The potluck DINNER was at 1pm!!  OK, then . . . we sat and visited for awhile, and then went back to the RV to have our dinner.  It was too humid for a fire, so everybody pretty much retired to their air conditioning for the evening, including us!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day but sorry to hear you missed the potluck dinner (lunch). At least you had some great food back at your rig!!
    Enjoy your time at Thunder Bay!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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