Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music in the Barn

Saturday was a beautiful day, with blue skies and warm temperatures, so after the boys did a little fishing in the morning (still with no luck!), we headed back to Clear Lake State Park in Atlanta to spend some time at the beach.  We swam for awhile, took Casey swimming, and I read my book for awhile, too.  After a couple hours, we got dressed and went to 4:30 mass at Jesus the Good Shepherd, in Atlanta on the way back to the RV Resort. 

After a quick dinner, we cleaned up and met the rest of the RV-Dreamers in the barn for free music night.

The band was "Chet's Habit", and they were pretty good. 

They played a wide variety of music, and even had Linda join them on stage for quite a while.

The "Barn" is pretty much a multi-purpose facility where they have these music gatherings, as well as quilting retreats.  I'd love to come up for one of those!  They have quilts hanging on all the walls.

On Sunday we go home, and back to work.  It's been a fun week here at Thunder Bay Resort, and we've really enjoyed re-connecting with Howard and Linda (RV-Dreams)

and meeting several other RV-Dreamers.  Everytime we get a small taste of the fulltime RV lifestyle, it just makes us even more anxious to hit the road.  We're still hoping that this will be the year for us!!

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  1. Fun, fun, fun!! Sounds like a great evening.
    You guys hang in there...your time will come very soon. Hope to see you "down the road."

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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