Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brookville Lake–Day 1

We were up early yesterday, and since we had gotten the camper packed the day before, it was a quick job to get hitched up and ready to go.  We were on the road just before 9am as the rain started falling.  The rain was a welcome relief for our lawn and flowers, but we were equally glad to drive out of it after just a few minutes.  We went south on US-23, and picked up I-75 south in Toledo, which we took almost to Dayton.  At I-70 we went west into Indiana, and exited the interstate at Richmond, IN.  Following “40 Highway”, it should have been a simple left-turn onto US-27 to take us south to Brookville.  We had so much trouble with our GPS on the last trip, we decided to create our route with Streets & Trips and use the printed map for this trip.  The problem was, in downtown Richmond, it wasn’t clear which of the numbered streets corresponded to US-27 . . . and we never saw a sign anywhere!  After getting all the way through town, we finally decided to pull out the GPS and see what it said.  It did get us going south, and appeared to be leading us toward US-27, but it wanted us to go down a side street that did not go through!  We finally stopped and asked a guy cutting his lawn which street would take us through to US-27.  He got us on the right track, and we were finally headed south toward the campground.  After a little detour around the town of Liberty, where the main street was under construction, we finally made it to the Mounds State Recreation Area at Brookville Lake.

We had reserved a back-in site in the full hookup loop, and got parked on the site fairly quickly.


Site C25 was plenty long for our RV and had lots of shade to help keep us cool.

With the temperature hovering around 97 degrees, we were happy to see how much afternoon shade this site had!  We quickly got plugged in so the frig and A/C could go on, and hooked up the water and sewer.  After cooling off in the RV for awhile, we took a drive to find diesel for the truck, and to locate a church for mass on Sunday. 

We found both in the nearby town of Brookville -- diesel for $3.95/gallon and St. Michael the Archangel Church that had mass at 11 am. 

After dinner, we took a bike ride to the campground store, which is in the next group of loops.  The roads and sites are all nicely paved, and have good spacing between them.  Most sites are grassy and shaded, and we were surprised to find how hilly it is in this area of Indiana.  Walking or bike-riding around the campground gives you a pretty good workout!

After mass in Brookville, we came back to the RV for some lunch, and then got ready to go to the beach for the afternoon.  It was still pretty hot (94 degrees) and sunny, but for a Sunday afternoon the beach wasn’t too crowded.


Brookville Lake is a COE reservoir with several recreation areas along it.

The water was a little warm, but still refreshing enough to cool us off.  Tom and the boys enjoyed throwing the football around, and I cooled off for awhile and then sat in the sun with my book.


Nicolas and Bryce catching the football.


Nicolas looks like a natural at the beach!


Bryce thinks he can avoid getting his picture taken, but he’s not quite fast enough!

We stayed at the beach until some dark clouds started rolling in, and it looked like a storm might be on the way.


Time to go, Mom . . . before the storm gets here!

Back at the camper, we didn’t get any rain, but we had a really nice breeze that blew the humidity right out of there!  It was actually comfortable enough to sit outside!


Tom and the boys relaxing while I work on my blog post.

We may even be able to have a fire tonight . . . and maybe tomorrow we could do a little geocaching. 


  1. Looks like a great campground. If you get time for a float trip, just south of Brookville on HWY 52 is an outfitter called Morgans. We just floated the river a month ago and it was pretty fun.
    Travel Safe!

  2. What a nice getaway and that water looked very refreshing!

    Karen and Steve
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