Thursday, July 21, 2011

A long-awaited package arrives!

Yes, I did it!  I finally did it – I graduated to a “grown-up” camera!  My old Olympus was a great, reliable camera . . . and pretty much “the thing to buy” when I bought it 7 or so years ago . . .


but it was time to upgrade!  Today, the package arrived on my doorstep (should have gotten a picture of it on the porch, but I was just too excited!).


Oh yeah . . . now that’s a camera!


So, while everybody else was being lazy in the 100 degree heat, I was playing with my new toy!


I can’t wait to go on our next trip – I’ll have two weeks of exploring and finding things to take pictures of!

Speaking of camping, we’re getting all set for our trip.  We won’t have wi-fi at any of the campgrounds, so today I downloaded so I could at least get some blog posts done (since I’m going to have so many pictures to post!!).

I also downloaded a bunch of geocaches to my Garmin Nuvi . . . we’ll see if we have any better luck with this GPS!  I’ll still bring along the handheld in case we need it when we get near to the find.  Wish us luck!

OK, more packing to do, so I’d better get going . . . and maybe I’ll try to get a sunset picture!

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