Saturday, July 16, 2011

Car Show and new purchases

Every summer, the Design Center in Dearborn has an employee car show. 


The shady lawn of the Design Center makes a nice location for a car show on a hot day.

Tom’s brother, Joe, likes to take his 1967 Cougar out occasionally, so Tom entered it in the show for him.




The boys wanted to go check out all the cars, so we made plans to meet Tom down there at lunchtime.  They invited a couple of friends to go with us, and we arrived in Dearborn just as lunch was cooking and the crowds were picking up.


The boys all enjoyed looking at the old cars, and they each had their favorites

There were nearly 400 vehicles entered in the show, with the majority being Fords, but there were also lots of others . . . including a few that weren’t even cars.


Mountain biking, anyone?? LOL


Cozy little camper, complete with flamingos


There were even a few old tractors!

In addition to the many rows of production vehicles,



there were also some truly unique vehicles that were given a special place to park.


Tom and Joe check out the old Lincoln Continental


Mustang Shelby Hertz edition . . . they don’t rent cars like this anymore!


I can’t believe they used to make convertibles like this!


This Ford GT40 is not employee-owned, but drew a huge crowd all day!

So, we all enjoyed the car show – it was a beautiful day – not too hot with a nice breeze.  Shortly after 1pm, the cars started moving out, and we left, too.  We followed the “Old Geezer” out of town, and the boys were encouraging him to burn some rubber, but he didn’t.


On the way home, we stopped at the Verizon store to look at some possible phones for Nicolas . . . and ended up taking home an LG Vortex.  I decided to just add the smart phone to my plan for him, and I’ll keep my old technology phone for now . . . until it dies, anyway.  At least with one smart phone in the family we’ll be all set for internet (using when we’re on our next camping trip.  We’ll be in all state parks, with no wi-fi at all.

Today I finally ordered my new camera (yeah!!).  I’ve been using my old Olympus point & shoot digital for about 7 years, and wanting to upgrade for the last several.  I decided on a Nikon D3100, and ordered a refurbished one online this afternoon.  We should have it just in time for our trip, so I’ll have lots of time to try it out!  Yeah!!

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  1. Thanks for posting the great pics of all those beautiful old cars. You're right, they don't make them like that anymore - too bad!


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