Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!




After 2 busy days of shopping and playing, we decided to spend the 4th just hanging out at the campground pool. 


Nicolas is working on evening out his “farmer tan”!

It was a hot one, and the pool was pretty packed early in the day!  As the 2pm check-out time got closer, though, the crowd started thinning out.  We enjoyed our day at the pool, and didn’t even go out anywhere in the evening to watch fireworks.

On Tuesday, rejuvenated from our relaxing day at home, we headed back into Shipshewana in the morning to check out the famous Flea Market.


People come from all over to visit the Shipshewana Flea Market, but I’m not sure I understand the appeal . . . most items could just as easily be found at a dollar store!

The sun and the heat were brutal, and we made quick work of the rows and rows of vendors offering anything you could possibly imagine.  Tom found some new sunglasses and a grill brush, and a fluorescent yellow T-shirt to wear when he rides his motorcycle.  Bryce found a leather wallet that he liked, and Nicolas had a nametag made up for Casey, with our cell phone number engraved on it.  No major purchases, just a few odds & ends that we couldn’t live without – LOL!


The Wana-Cup is well-known for their shakes and malts

After a quick lunch, we visited a few of the shops we missed on Saturday.  We checked out the recliners at Lambright’s Comfort Chairs, and enjoyed cookies with Mr. Lambright.  I really like the chairs at Lambright, but still need to convince Tom . . .

After cooling off at Lambright’s, we continued on to stock up on bulk food supplies at E & S Market.  This is one of my favorite stores, and I needed to re-stock on many things that I get here . . . oatmeal, brown sugar, dried fruit, spices, candy sprinkles, and many more.  The boys picked up some candy with the money Grandma had given them, so they were happy.


E & S is a popular store for both the tourists and the locals!


By the time we were finished shopping, we were ready to go back to the campground and cool off in the pool.  After a cooling swim, we relaxed in the shade of the camper and enjoyed a late dinner. 


Casey relaxes under Nicolas’ chair . . . and doesn’t want to move, even when he tries to get up!

We were surrounded by an Outbackers Rally (owners of Keystone Outback RVs), so we joined them for their campfire, where we learned all about the complicated toll freeways systems of Illinois and New York.  I’m sure glad Michigan hasn’t gone that route to raise money yet!

The weather this week sure has been picture-perfect!  hot and sunny during the day, but cool enough at night to turn off the A/C and open the windows!  Love it!

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