Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moving Day to Gulf Shores, AL

Friday was moving day for us, and there was potentially severe weather moving in for the weekend, so we got up early and got ready to move.  Packing up went pretty quickly and we pulled out of the site without incident.


We had a few trees to work around, but at least the roads had dried up from the rain early in the week.  We made our way to the dump station, and Tom took care of the dirty business!


With that job done, we were ready to hit the road!


Since the state park was so far from the interstate, Tom hadn’t taken the truck out to fill it with diesel, so our first destination was a truck stop about 40 miles away.  Diesel was $4.05, and I topped off the car too, for $3.57 – not too bad!

We headed west on I-10 to Pensacola, exiting on St. Rt. 90 which took us over the Perdido Bay,

Crossing Perdido Bay -- from Florida to Alabama!

and into Alabama – a new state for us!

Alabama - a new state for us!

Once in Alabama, we took county roads until we reached Magnolia Golf and RV Hideaway in Magnolia Springs.  We almost missed the turn because the RV Park is tucked behind a par 3 golf course, but we found it and it’s quite a gem!  Concrete Full-Hookup site for $16 . . . not bad at all! 

Magnolia Springs_site 44

We needed to unload the garage in the middle of the road, and our activity drew quite a bit of attention!  We had quite the audience, and no shortage of helpers, when it was time to back the RV into the site!

The folks here are super friendly, and we quickly received plenty of recommendations for grocery shopping and dinner, and were invited to a picnic on Sunday!

We hadn’t had any lunch, and since it was Friday, we decided to go out for pizza in Gulf Shores and then to Walmart to stock up on groceries. 

After dinner, we took a drive through Gulf Shores and Gulf State Park.


We didn’t pay the $2/person entrance fee to walk on the pier,

Gulf State Park pier

but we did walk on the beach for a bit – nice sand, and not so many shells!, and we paid the $1 fee to drive through the campground.  The sites are all FHU and plenty big for any rig, but the campground is pretty much wide open without many trees.  They do have a really nice outdoor pool, though. 

From there, we drove along the beach to checkout the many hi-rise hotels and colorful pastel rental beach houses.

Brightly colored beach houses

Gulf Shores reminded us a lot of Myrtle Beach . . . but not as crowded, and the hotels and houses are more spread out – you can actually see the beach between them, which is not true in Myrtle Beach!

When we had had our fill of Gulf Shores, we drove north on AL-59 to Foley, where we went to Walmart.  Foley is actually a pretty big town, with plenty of shopping and restaurant options.

We’ll be here until the middle of the week, and are looking forward to exploring the area!  It’ll probably take us that long to get used to Central time!


  1. WOW....that is one big rig. It looks much bigger being moved than when it is just backed in a site!! Putting that campground on our list:o))

    1. You'll like the state park -- very quiet and peaceful! Watch out for the mosquitoes, though . . . we went through a full bottle of OFF in 4 days!

  2. Hi Tom and Marci,

    You really need to experience Lambert's in Foley. "Home of the Throwed Roll". Real good country cooking and plenty of free food to try in the form of "pass arounds". We always enjoy a trip to Lambert's.

    Don and Cheryl

    1. Hi Don and Cheryl, we did not want to fight the crowds at Lambert's...we went to The Oyster House in Gulf Shores...They had a buy one get one free...enough to get us was fabulous.

  3. I had seen that campground was originally going to stop there on our way west last spring, but we ended up going straight from St. Andrews to Fountainbleu SP in Louisiana. The drive on the highway through the Atchafalaya Swamp is beautiful.


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