Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Last Day at Lovers Key


Yesterday we wrapped up our 3-month stay at Lovers Key State Park in Ft. Myers, FL.  It was a GREAT place to spend the winter (I think we may have spoiled ourselves by picking this location for our first winter on the road – other southern locations may be nice, but probably won’t quite measure up to SW Florida!); we worked with some great rangers and volunteers, made some wonderful new friends that we’ll hopefully meet up with again, experienced wildlife that we’d never see in Michigan, and had lots of great adventures!

Our last day was spent doing laundry, cleaning the car & truck, and getting the RV packed up and ready to roll.

Even Casey got a bath . . . and she wasn’t thrilled!

Casey's bath

She also wasn’t crazy about staying confined until she dried out!

Drying off in her crate

but it was worth it . . . she’s so much prettier now, and she smells better, too!

Casey's new tree

With all the work complete, it was time for a final “Happy Hour” with friends Ken & Debbie,

Ken & Deby

and Tim & Denise.  Tim & Denise

We’ve really enjoyed hanging out with these guys these last few months, and we’re going to miss them.

Tom’s going to have to look for some new buddies to keep him busy!


Tom & Tim

Some of the rangers stopped by to say good-bye, too.

Rangers Brian & Dave

We broke up for dinner, and then took one last bike ride to the beach for sunset.  It was a spectacular one!

Feb 28_Sunset

Feb 28_Sunset

We walked the beach with Ken & Debbie, enjoying our last evening on the beach.






An interesting “channel” of water was left behind on the beach from the earlier high tide and the boys had fun riding through it on their bikes.

It was such a nice night; we stayed on the beach until we barely had enough light left to see our way back to the RVs.




This morning we did our final packing up, and said our final good-byes.

Getting ready to hitch up

Nicolas is waiting for Tom to hitch up.


Everything is done now, and we’re ready to hit the road to Tampa!  Just 165 miles to go, and it’s a clear, cool day . . . so it should be a nice, easy drive!

Last minute inspection

Good-Bye for now, Lovers Key!  We had a great time!


  1. What a nice final day. Where in Tampa? Be ready for the cold...and maybe even snow!

    1. Off I75 on US301 at Spanish Main RV Park.

      No snow here...

  2. What a wonderful winter you had!!! We will be heading to Lazydays near Tampa on Monday. Yep, all the snowbirds are beginning the migration;o)))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.......

  3. Let us know if you stop near Homosassa!

  4. you did Lovers Key up right! onto a new adventure!


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