Sunday, September 21, 2014

But we haven’t done anything blog-worthy!

Yes, I know . . . it’s been about 10 days since I’ve posted a blog!  That’s the problem with being back “home” and letting “regular life” take over!

We have been keeping busy . . .

Nicolas has been attending his Navy DEP meetings, trying to figure out what he needs to take with him when he goes to his “A” school in South Carolina, and shopping for a car.  If he ever settles on one, I’ll probably be able to get a post out of that!

Besides being back working on school and preparing for the ACT, Bryce finished up segment 2 of Driver’s Ed last week, and now he just needs to take his driving test and then he’ll get his Level 2 license (assuming he passes the driving test!!)


He’s consumed with college football right now, and next weekend he’ll finally get to go to East Lansing to see his favorite team play live!

Tom’s been busy shopping for a motorhome, and lining up a workamping gig in Florida for this winter.  He’s got a couple of good possibilities, so hopefully we’ll have that ironed out soon.  He’s also been helping Nicolas check out the various cars he finds.

I’ve been helping Nicolas get his financial accounts in order, setting up a budget for him, and teaching him to do laundry and iron (he’s going to need to take care of his own uniforms!).  We met with our financial planner once already, and we’ve all got doctor appointments coming up in the next few weeks.

See . . . lots of normal, boring stuff!

My mom and my sister, Deby did come out to the campground one afternoon last week, and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and took them over to Caulder Dairy for ice cream afterwards.  Our friends, Roger and Joyce, are also camping here for the month, so we sit and visit with them frequently, too.

On Sundays, we go to my Mom’s house for dinner and Nicolas and I do the laundry.  This weekend was my brother’s birthday, and we had his favorite cake . . .




angel food cake! 

He was hoping it might fall off the plate!

The family joke is that since his birthday is the last one in the year for us, my mom always ran out of ideas for birthday cakes, and he was stuck with angel food cake every year (so HE says!!)

. . . so he HATES angel food cake!  When we found out he was going to be there today, we made sure to get one!



It was a nice day . . . the rain held off until late afternoon and I got my sheets mostly dry out on the line!  We had a good dinner, although it wasn’t quite the ham that Bryce has been waiting for . . . and Grandma got a break from washing dishes!


So, that’s what we’ve been up to . . . we’ve got a couple of things coming up this week that are blog-worthy, though, so you’ll be hearing from me again!


  1. Every Day life is worth writing about.
    Good Luck to both the boys.
    Maybe we'll see you in Florida again this winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Yep, I agree with Rick. Even though we're fulltimers, we get to do really fun stuff occasionally, but the rest of the time is just life. But that's ok. I was wondering, with Nicholas going to boot camp then probably on ship will he be able to have a car? Becki

    1. Hi Becki! Nicolas will be going to Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC after boot camp, and will be there for 2 years, so he's able to have a car. . . . although he's not buying anything fancy, just something to get around in!

    2. Wow that sounds impressive, good for him. Is that a type of maintenance on the nuclear ships or subs?, I agree that makes perfect sense. Thanks Becki

  3. Busy, busy, busy!!! You guys are really getting a lot accomplished. Whenever we get back "Home" we always have a list of things to get done. Sure hope Nicolas finds a completely "Impractical" but wonderful car:o))

  4. By the way, I think a simple 65 Mustang would be a great starter car. Lol. Becki

    1. I'm sure he'd agree . . . but he's settling for a nice Fusion!

  5. I assume you are staying at good old Haas Lake? We've stayed there many times! Tell Roger abd Joyce we say hi. Hope Roger is feeling better :)

    1. Actually, we're at a small campground in Monroe called Camp Lord Willing. It's a nice, quiet place, and for us it's in a better location. Roger and Joyce were just going to stay a few days and then move to Haas Lake, but they decided that they liked it, and stayed for the month! He seems to be doing really well!


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