Friday, September 26, 2014

He finally bought a car . . . and yes, it’s a practical one!

Nicolas and his first car

2011 Ford Fusion

He’s been searching for several weeks, and he finally found one that met most of his criteria.  He had a budget he was working with, and in order to get a newer car with lower miles, he started looking at rebuilt salvage cars.


Buying a salvaged vehicle is a good way to save money, on both the initial purchase price and also on insurance costs (you can only get liability coverage), but it requires the buyer to be especially diligent.

Nicolas carefully researched each vehicle he looked at, finding out what the extent of the damage was, and then he and Tom looked over each car very carefully, inspecting the repair work and checking for short cuts or missing parts.  They looked at over a dozen cars in the last couple of weeks, and although a few were “OK” and slightly cheaper, this one was in better shape, had a few more upgrades, and lower miles.

Overall, he decided it was the best deal.


We brought it home yesterday, and he spent most of today cleaning it up,     Nicolas washing his car










with a little help from his brother,

Getting some help from his brother

and Dad’s supervision!

Tom supervising











I think he’s pretty happy with his purchase!


We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Michigan this past week . . . so has the wildlife!

Ducks on the water

Turtles on a log











White Egret












Casey, too!


The trees around the pond haven’t started to change color yet,


but it won’t be long now!











We finished off our evening with a little reminder of Glacier National Park

. . . Montana huckleberry pie filling     Pie Filling

in homemade huckleberry pie bars!  YUM!

Huckleberry Pie Bars


  1. I think Nicholas found a good car. Practical yet sporty! Becki

  2. Good looking car Nicholas and it should give you a lot of years of service especially if you make a career of being in the service yourself.
    We know what the Huckleberry filling tastes like so please don't bring those out when we are visiting. We seem to take one step forward and two back.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Congrats Nicolas...nice looking and very PRACTICAL car:o) Enjoy and safe travels...


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