Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer travels come to an end


We left Indiana at the end of the holiday weekend, and made our way once again back to our home state of Michigan.  This time we’re settled into a site at Camp Lord Willing Campground for the next 2 months.

Site 23

We’re on site 23, at the end of “Country Club Row”, and since it’s in the corner, it’s not considered waterfront, so it’s at a lower rate . . . we’re not sure of the logic behind that, since it’s a big site and it’s still right on the canal.

Our site, from across the canal

The site next to us is empty right now, but even with somebody there, the sites are still pretty roomy, especially with all the space we have between us and the canal.

Site 23

Campers along the canal


Many of the same people that were here last year are still here, and the campground is still in good shape.  We have solid electric, but our Verizon signal seems a little weak . . . we don’t remember it being an issue last year.  The campground is in the process of revamping their WIFI, which should hopefully be completed in the next few days.  That should help out some, I hope!  They have a decent laundry room, but we’re close enough to my Mom’s house that I’ve been doing all of our laundry there.


We got everything set up and had an early dinner, then took a drive to Calder Dairy, just a few miles down the road, for an ice dream cone.

Calder Dairy

On the way in the drive, we saw cows and horses grazing in the field.

Cows and horses in the field

We arrived at the store and got our ice cream cones.

The ice cream shop

We walked around the yard while we ate our cones, and then wandered over to the Education Center, where there was a group of cows waiting to be milked.          The waiting line for the milking barn












While the cows wait to be allowed into the milking barn, they can even get a massage!     Getting a massage while she waits in line










Lots of ladies waiting for their turn

We walked past the cows waiting to get into the barn,

The ladies are looking for handouts

and the boys made sure to keep their distance so they wouldn’t get slobbered on!

Help me!

When the barn doors opened, the cows would all try to push their way past the others and into the barn.

waiting impatiently

The cows know just what to do!


Once inside, the cows would quickly make their way to then end of the hallway and try to get into a milking station.  They would try to push and shove their way in . . . not very patient cows!








Trying to push her way in

We’ve been to a couple of very large diary farm operations before, but this was an up-close look at a smaller operation . . . we were glad we ate our ice cream first!!

 Sick smile

We’re now back to a “normal”, non-travel-mode life for awhile . . . I’m going in to the office 2 days/week, and working from the RV the rest of the time, Bryce has started back to school (still homeschooling), and Tom and Nick are taking care of some maintenance items on the RV.  With Nick no longer in school, he has more free time.  He’s been spending much of it preparing for bootcamp, but he’ll also have some time to help my Mom and Tom’s Dad do the fall cleanup around their houses.

We’ve got a lot to get in order in the next 2 months, especially for Nicolas, and then we need to figure out our plan for the upcoming winter . . . that’s Tom’s job!

I’ll probably be blogging a little less, but I do have a couple of summary posts I want to do of our 2nd year of fulltiming, and we’re hoping to check out some local attractions that we haven’t been to in awhile . . . so I’ll still be here!


  1. I am looking forward to your blog summary of the 2nd year. Since we haven't started yet, all of the trips etc. are interesting for sure but we are hungry for those 'first/second' time full timers. I have farm experiences from my very early years and the cows always freaked me out simply because of their size. :)

  2. Hanging around my grandparents farms was an early lesson in life.
    It's always good to have some down time once in a while but it will give you extra time to visit with family.
    How soon before Nicholas goes to boot camp? I know some parents and a brother that will miss him.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. As always I've enjoyed following your travels. I look forward to your summary posts and please, let us know what your next travel route will be!

  4. A little down time and family visits make for a nice break from travel. We are doing the same thing here at Huntington Beach SP in South Carolina. Let us know when you head this way to take Nicolas to boot camp...perhaps we can get together!! We will be in SC most of the time until January.


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