Friday, June 5, 2015

Black Mountain, North Carolina


We’ve been having a lot a fun at the Reunion Rally – visiting with old and new friends, comparing notes on travels, campgrounds, motorhomes, and just about anything else we could think of. 


Can Don come out to play??











On Friday, we took a little break from the fun to get some laundry done, and then met up with Don & Lois, Don & Cheryl, and Cheryl’s sister and niece in the nearby town of Black Mountain.



Black Mountain is a cute little town with a variety of small shops and restaurants.


Many of the rally attendees have visited the town on one of many “foodie tours” during the week.  Non of us had signed up for any of the tours, so we had to plan our own visit.


We met in the lot next to the Visitor Center, and walked to the shopping district.


Don was in such a hurry to get shopping that he ignored the light and crossed the street on a “Do Not Walk” signal.  There was a Sherriff's car at the corner, and we made such a ruckus yelling at Don, that we got his attention.

He called Don & Lois over to his car to remind them of the definition of jay-walking!

Don got caught jay-walking!


We stopped in several shops,

Town Hardware

Pop corner

as we walked up and down the streets.

Shopping in Black Mountain





We weren’t really looking for anything, just window-shopping, but I did find a nice 20” sterling silver chain for the “Navy Mom” pendant that Nicolas had given me for Mother’s Day.

All that shopping and walking made us hungry, so we looked for a place for dinner.  There were a lot of choices, but we ultimately decided on pizza at My Fathers Pizza & Pasta. 


It was a good choice – the pizza was great!


And after dinner . . . we still had room for ice cream!

Learning how to make waffle cones


  1. I hope you're in atlanta by now. What a fun time with so many friends. It was great seeing you again.

  2. Glad you had the chance to enjoy what we saw at Black Mountain.
    Hope the truck issue has been resolved and that you are back on the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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