Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One More Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Blowing Rock

Blue Ridge Parkway

After a few relaxing days just hanging out at Tom Johnson,

Catawba River

Along the river











we decided to take one more drive up onto the Blue Ridge on Saturday, and check out the town of Blowing Rock.  Walt and Tina rode along with us.

We took Hwy 221 north, past Linville Falls, and onto the parkway.  We turned north toward Blowing Rock, and saw a family of turkeys crossing the road.

Turkey family

It was a beautiful day on the parkway – hardly any clouds in sight – and we enjoyed the view from a few overlooks.

Rows of mountain peaks

Interesting Tree


We stopped for a look, but no hiking today!  OK, a little climb up to see a small waterfall, but no major hiking!


We picked up this hitchhiker somewhere, but he couldn’t hold on for long!

Picked up a hitchhiker on the windshield

We found a lake in the mountains, too.

We found a peaceful lake

It looked like a peaceful place to spend the day,

Price Lake

Smooth as glass










but we were moving on.  These kayakers were having a good day!

Kayaks on the lake

We arrived in Blowing Rock, and parked in the downtown business district.  We walked through the shops, and got Bryce a snack – because he’s ALWAYS hungry!  We managed to get past the snowcone shop without getting him one . . .

Webby was calling to Bryce

He managed to get a sample, though!

There were some beautiful old buildings in Blowing Rock,

Community Center

Town Hall

and lots of beautiful spring flowers.







We walked through the park in the center of town, and there was a group serving lunch for donations.  They had subway sandwiches, hot dogs, corn on the cob, cookies, krispy kreme donuts and fruit.  Lunch as free – they were just accepting donations for the community center, so we all decided to have some lunch. 

After lunch, we went looking for the Blowing Rock Furniture Gallery,

Blowing Rock Furniture

where we had purchased our dining room and library furniture for our house.  It’s still a nice furniture store, but not the same company any more. 

From there, we went in search of THE blowing rock.  It was a little challenging to find, but we found it!

THE Blowing Rock



It’s another one of those  “touristy” destinations that has become a major money generator, but isn’t really worth the price of admission – $7 per person!



They could afford to build a really nice gift shop, though!

The Blowing Rock Visitor Center

We all passed on viewing the rock, though.

Hot Rods


There must have been a car show somewhere because we saw quite a few old hot rods like these as we drove out of town on the way back to Tom Johnson.








It was a nice day, and we enjoyed spending it with friends!


  1. Yeah, it looks like it was a lovely day.

  2. Wishing we were still there visiting with you. Since we've been home only two days have been totally dry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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