Monday, June 15, 2015

Mayfield Dairy Tour

During our post-Rally gathering of Dreamers, Mike had told us about the Indoor RV Center where he had purchased his motorhome, and it turned out that there was one in Georgia, not too far from where we were staying at the Georgia RV Park.

Georgia RV Park site 66

We decided to take a drive out there on Thursday to check out a few motorhomes that they had, and since it’s an INDOOR showroom, it would be much more tolerable in the 90 degree heat . . . yeah, right!

First thing we found out was that their showroom is NOT indoors . . . ok, then!  They had a few motorhomes, including a 2006 Country Coach in the same floorplan as the one we’ve been looking at in Canada.  WE walked through them, but didn’t spend much time . . . the salesman wasn’t too enthused about showing them to us!

On the way to the RV Dealer, we had seen a billboard for Mayfield Dairy, so on the way back home we stopped in for a tour.













It was a milk bottling plant, not an ice cream plant, but they still had an ice cream shop and the $4.50 per person tour price included an ice cream cone at the end of the tour.

We browsed through the gift shop while we waited for our tour time.


The tour included the history of Mayfield Dairy and their famous (?) yellow milk jugs, and the many other products that they produce.  As usual, there was no photography allowed on the tour, but they have some handy displays in the store.




We saw where the tanker truckers bring the raw milk into the plant, where it’s processed – homogenized and pasteurized, and finally where it’s bottled, labeled and sent back out the door – all within 24 – 48 hours, and at a constant temperature of 34 degrees F.

The tour ended with an opportunity to “milk” Bessie.  Bryce didn’t want to try it, though!




It was a fun and informative tour . . . and the ice cream was delicious, too!



On Saturday, we moved across Georgia, though Atlanta,

Making our way through Atlanta

to the Pine Mountain RV Resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia.


It’s a very nice RV Resort, with roomy sites – with picnic tables AND firepits!  I think we’ll be very comfortable here, and it it ever cools down, we might even have a campfire!

Our site on top of the hill

It’s really quiet right now, but we hear it’s going to fill up for Father’s Day weekend!

Site 157











There’s a nice little Dog Park that Casey has already checked out,


and a beautiful pool that we’re going to get a lot of use out of – it’s supposed to be in the upper 90s all week!!


Yep, this will be a nice place to call home for a couple weeks while we check out the area!

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  1. You are definitely enjoying everything nature has to offer in the area you are in but how'd you get there? It doesn't sound like you have the truck back yet and we see a "For Sale" sign in front of your trailer. Does this mean we could be visiting you in your new RV this winter?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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