Saturday, June 6, 2015

Final Days of the RV-Dreams Reunion Rally

Happy Anniversary

Saturday was the last full day of the Reunion Rally and it also happened to be our 23rd wedding anniversary . . . so we celebrated with a luau!

Linda and her helpers had decorated the pavilion,     DSC_0331


and as we arrived, we received plastic leis and flowers for our hair.



When we got there, the caterers had the food all ready, including the roasted pig!         It's looking at me!

Hula Cake


Dinner -- poor piggy!

Before we could eat, there was one presentation to make.  Several of the RV-Dreamers had come up with the idea to have everyone write a message to Howard & Linda on colored pieces of paper, which they collected and taped to a large poster board.  They presented the board to them before dinner, along with a small book to keep them all in after the rally.  Needless to say, H & L were very touched!

Messages from the RV-Dreams Family

What a great RV-Dreams Family we have!

Then it was time to eat . . . and the skin was peeled off the pig.

Time to eat!


Dinner was delicious, and everybody managed to stuff themselves pretty well. 

Don explaining something to the other two

After a few pictures --  Our little RV-Dreams Family


our family photo,










and the RV-Dreams Chatroom Group,

RV-Dreams Chatroom Crowd

Let the games begin!


it was time for the fun and games to begin!










Bryce was ready for some new challenges,

Bryce getting into the Hawaiin Hula outfit

but with a bunch of newbies on his team, he didn’t fare as well this time!

After the relay races, we moved outside for some more games,

Folding-chair volleyball --

Folding chair volleyball

Not as easy as it looks!










some dart game with watermelons dressed as pigs (which Howard proved to be quite good at),

Howard the warrior

and flipping flip-flops through a hula hoop (which Bill had more luck with than Bryce did).

Bill flippin' flip-flops

He did it!










Bryce's big feet couldn't hit the target!

With the organized games over, Bryce got some guys together to play basketball.     More basketball









Shootin' Hoops


Bryce showing off for the camera


Bryce's fancy flip-turn layup

Don's turn










As the sun went down, everybody began to gather around the firepit.

Getting ready for one more bonfire

Don & Dee

Rick & Kathy










Tom and one of the other guys got the fire going.

Fire starters

It was a beautiful night for a bonfire, and we stayed out late, talking and enjoying the fire. . . .         A beautiful fire!

. . . . and the full moon.

Full Moon

On Sunday morning, we gathered bright and early for a delicious catered breakfast, followed by good-byes and hugs.

Bryce getting a big hug from Linda

We got the pavilion all cleaned up and straightened up, and rigs were already rolling out of the rally park as we were walking back to the rig.


We went to church, and by the time we got back, the majority of the rally attendees were gone, including Howard & Linda.  Don & Lois and Don & Cheryl were all hitched up and waiting for us to get back.  We said our goodbyes to them, knowing we’ll see them again soon!

The first-ever RV-Dreams Reunion Rally was a smashing success . . . and we can’t wait until the next one!!



  1. Boy you kept that a secret but we'll remember for the coming years.
    Anyways a belated Happy Anniversary to you both.
    See you down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great Post about a very special reunion!!! It was a blast and so fun to catch up with everyone. Hope all is moving forward for you guys. Let us know how you are making out.


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