Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A quiet week in Florida


Fishermen at the bridge

After the busy holiday weekend, things quieted down quite a bit last week, although there are still a lot of people around . . . and it’s still REALLY hot! 

Tom and Bryce have been working with Tim to build a railing along a new sidewalk, while I escape the heat in the Visitor Center, and we’ve had a few nice sunsets.     Sunset at the marsh


I spotted this little bird flying over the marsh, and he let me get close enough to get a picture.

Some type of little heron

On Tuesday, Tim & Denise invited us to ride along with them to a Gulf Coast fishing seminar at Legendary Marine, in Destin.



It was hard to miss the fishing mural on the sides of the building!














Tuesday’s seminar was on the topic of fishing for dolphin fish and wahoo, and involved a lot of really elaborate and expensive gear – $1000 fishing rods, hooks that were made out of 1/4’' steel – this is some serious fishing, as some of these fish could weigh HUNDREDS of pounds!


We won’t be fishing for any of those big guys – don’t have access to a “small” boat like this one!


It was interesting listening to them, though, so we enjoyed it . . . plus they had free pizza, and every attendee got a $20 coupon to spend at the Half Hitch Tackle Shop.

This is quite a marina, with lots of really big, beautiful boats!


Later in the week, we went to the Half Hitch Shop in Panama City Beach to spend our coupons – we all got new shoes!


The giant flip flops are Bryce’s, and Tom & I both got CROC-type rubber shoes, but they have a much more substantial sole, and a removable insole.  They’re really comfortable, too!

On Thursday night, Tom and I went to the concert in Panama City Beach again.  Once again, there was a good crowd there to listen to this band from New Orleans.



They were good, mostly instrumental, not much singing though . . . 



. . . and REALLY loud!  We stayed for most of the performance, but left a little early to get a jump start on the traffic.  It was much easier to get out of there than it was after the fireworks!

We had some other adventures at the end of the week, but I’ll save that for another blog post!

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  1. Glad to see you're still enjoying your time south but where in Florida are you?
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.


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