Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back at the beach! Camp Helen State Park–Panama City Beach, FL

Sunset_June 28

Nicolas got a few more days of leave, so he drove out to Georgia to meet up with us – we had one day of playing in the pool before we moved on.

Enjoying the pool

The boys had fun,





Cooling Off

and Tom made a new friend!

Tom and Kayla

Unfortunately, we do not have our truck back yet, so we once again had to find somebody to move us.

One more time -- getting hitched up!

Given that, and the fact that we’re going to be waiting a few more weeks for the truck, we decided to bypass Gulf Shores (where we were supposed to meet up with Tom’s cousins for several fun-filled days at the beach!) and go straight to Camp Helen State Park, where would be spending the month of July.  It was actually a shorter drive, and we eliminated having to be towed again later in the week.

We made our way south through Alabama,

Southern Mansion in Alabama

Old shops in Eufaula, AL









and arrived at Camp Helen State Park in the late afternoon.  With help from our friends, Tim & Denise, and the other volunteers, we selected a site and got set up for our stay in Volunteer Village.

Volunteer Village

We spent our first few days getting acclimated and familiar with the park -

the beach,

Walkway to the beach at Camp Helen

Stormy skies at the beach











the nature trail,

Nature Trail


Nicolas and his doggy


and a few of the historic buildings.

Colorful cabins


After dinner on Sunday, Nicolas and Bryce did a little crabbin’ with one of the other volunteers, Mike.

Trapping crabs

It was slower than usual, according to Mike, but they did finally start to pull up a few crabs.          Trying to get away












Bryce got the technique of holding onto them down pretty well,




but Nicolas was a little hesitant around those pinchers!










Watch out for those pinchers!


That's a big one!











Nicolas got it!


He finally got the hang of it, though!










They continued to watch the traps until the chicken pieces were completely picked down to the bone,

Checking crab traps

Checking the traps!










while I walked to the beach to check out the sunset.

Walking to the beach at sunset


It was a beautiful one that night!

Beach at sunset

Beautiful sunset


  1. Sorry the truck's not fixed yet, but so good to see the BOYS having fun!! I use to do a lot of crabbing...great way to spend time:o))

  2. You were originally told it wouldn't take too long to fix the truck. Did they find more problems or are they working on it in their spare time to keep the costs down?
    Nicolas looks like he's having fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Wow,, you have a great attitude about how long its taking to get fixed! At least we were sitting still after the initial tow to our job. Keep us updated as you progress. You look like you landed in a nice spot for July.


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