Friday, July 10, 2015

Rainy start, but a beautiful finish

We woke up Sunday morning to clouds and thunder, although it hadn’t started raining yet when we left for church.  About a mile before we got there, though, it began to downpour and we got good and soaked running into the building!

The rain was expected to continue all day, so when we got home  I put “Les Miserables” in the DVD player and got comfy in my recliner!  Bryce retreated to the garage and the XBox, and Tom pretended to watch the movie with me, although I think we was mostly napping!

The rain did eventually stop, and it turned into quite a nice evening after dinner.  Tom and I decided to drive over to Rosemary Beach, which is right next to the park, and check out the sunset.

There are several beach houses along the coast,

Houses at Rosemary Beach

and a small public parking area with restrooms. 

The walk to the beach is on a boardwalk that takes you over the shorebird nesting areas . . . which is a lot easier than the walk through the sand around the nesting area, which we have here at the park.

Walkway to the beach

It’s a beautiful beach, and there were still a few people enjoying the water.     Quiet evening at the beach










Surf and clouds

After all the rain, the humidity was gone and the temperature was back in the high seventies, making it a really pleasant evening on the beach, even thought there wasn’t much of a sunset.

Beach houses at sunset

Peaceful Beach

A nice night for kite-flying

A beautiful way to end the day.

Enjoying the evening

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