Monday, July 20, 2015

They had more luck with the crabs!

This one's trying to get away!

Tom has been wanting to catch some crabs and make some fresh crabcakes, so while Bryce still had his 3-day saltwater fishing license, they decided to go down to the bridge and see how many they could catch.

Watching the traps


They were hoping that they’d have better luck than they had fishing!

Trying to catch some crabs!











A beautiful evening!

Casey wants to catch some too!


It was a beautiful evening, and after Casey and I had a nice walk along the nature trail, we stopped to see how the crabbing was going.


They were off to a pretty good start, and Bryce pulled up a few more while we watched.


They had one really big guy who was pretty active – he kept trying to climb out of the bucket!!


Got a fiesty one!

Got another one!


Bryce is getting quite proficient at catching them!











Once they had enough, we took them up to the shop to cook.

Bryce continued to taunt and torment the crabs --


even took a selfie with the big guy --

Getting a selfie with the big guy!

until it was time to drop them into the boiling water!

Into the pot!

He's still fighting!










The big guy continued to fight, right to the very end!

We cooked them all,

Cooking the crabs!

Should be some good crabmeat there!











and then put them in the freezer until Tom had time to clean them and get the meat out.

This week, they made one more trip down to the bridge to add a few more to his collection, bringing the total to 9.


Once those were cooked, and the original ones defrosted, Mike helped Tom get the meat out of them – Bryce was having no part of that!!

Time to make crabcakes


I picked up his crabcake supplies at Publix, but he was on his own when it came to mixing it up and cooking them.





I can see why crabmeat is so expensive . . . when Tom was finished cleaning his nine crabs, he had just 7-1/2 ounces of crabmeat!


He got busy cooking, and now he has a nice supply of crabcakes – these should keep him happy for awhile!


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