Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing

A beautiful day on the water!

HijackerTim has been anxious to get his boat on the water, and Monday was shaping up to be a beautiful day, so I scheduled a short day for myself and the boys so we could all go out with him and Denise.  They invited Mark & Maryann, as well, so we had a full boat for an afternoon of fishing.  We even had a hijacker!

From the boat launch, we passed under the Little Carlos Bridge,

Little Carlos Bridge

and found a spot to anchor the boat and have some lunch.

Pelican Trio


It was a busy area, with lots of boats around, but not anywhere near as busy as it was on the weekend!




A great day on the water

With all the activity, the water in the pass was pretty rough, but the guys couldn’t resist trying to catch a few fish.

The first catch!

Mark got off to a quick start, catching a pompano that wasn’t quite big enough to keep, and Bryce caught a jackfish.

Bryce's first catch - a jackfish

The waves were throwing the boat around pretty well,

This was a rough spot for fishing!

making it difficult to catch anything, so we decided to head out into open water. 

Sunfish on the Gulf

You’d have to be pretty brave to take on the open water on a little sunfish like this one!  Even on the bigger boat, the waves were pretty big!  Tim let Nicolas take the wheel to get us out to our next fishing spot – May’s Reef.

Captain Nick

We anchored over the top of the reef, where the fish supposedly like to hang out, and for awhile we were the only ones out there.

Pretty far out - rough waves

We did see this sailboat while we were out there – it was a great day for sailing – plenty of wind!

It was a good day for sailing

The guys got busy fishing again,

Fisherman Bryce

Fisherman Nick

all but Tom – he just relaxed!

Taking it easy!

Bryce was getting quite a few bites, but was having trouble recognizing them in the rough surf.  He had to replace his bait quite a few times!

Using live shrimp today

I was getting a great suntan, but they weren’t having much luck with the fishing, so we decided to move back into calmer waters.

Calmer water

At the north end of Lovers Key, we anchored just offshore in about 7 feet of water, near the Big Carlos Bridge that goes into Fort Myers Beach.

Big Carlos Bridge

The water was definitely calmer here, but the guys only caught a few fish.  Nicolas took the prize for the smallest catch of the day!

Nicolas got the littlest catch of the day!

But don’t worry, he’ll make up for it later!

We moved under the bridge into the canal, and found a spot near the docks of Lovers Key Resort.  Before long, Nicolas had a bite on his line and determined that it was something big.

He's working for this one!

He worked at reeling it in for several minutes, and finally brought this monster up to the boat!  Mark had the net ready to catch it in case it came off the hook!

Identifying the catch

Mark identified it as a Goliath Grouper (REALLY good eatin’ fish!), and Nick held it up to get a measurement – 23 inches!

Measuring it

Nicolas did a great job – it was the “big catch” of the day!

Nice catch!

The rest of the guys wished they had been the one to reel this one in!

Tim wishes he could have caught that one!

Bryce checks it out

Unfortunately, the goliath grouper is a protected fish, so we weren’t able to keep it!  Too bad, ‘cause it would have made quite a meal!

Before throwing it back in, Tim told Nicolas that he needed to give it a kiss to send it on its’ way . . . Nick said “No way!”, but Tim was game!

Kissing the fish!

We moved one more time, right to the edge of the channel, and the guys really started pulling in the fish – whitings and trout that were keepers, and a few more jackfish that were not!  Bryce caught several of each,

Another catch for Bryce

A trout this time

and Tom got pretty good at taking them off the hook!

Tom's not even using a glove anymore!

He didn’t quite build up enough nerve to kiss one, though!

Kiss it, Tom!

the day was winding down, and the sun was sinking lower in the sky, but we couldn’t go back until we’d used up all the bait!

Hooked another one!

Bryce used the last little shrimp, and that brought our day to an end.  All together, the guys ended up with 16 keepable fish – not bad for a little fish fry!

We headed back to the boat launch, and Tim got the boat loaded onto the trailer.

Taking the boat out at the end of the day

It was a beautiful day on the water, and everyone had a great time!  Thanks, Tim & Denise, for taking us out!


  1. a great day of fishing for some and suntanning for others!!

  2. Looked like a great day for everyone. Beautiful fish Nicolas caught. Glad you guys are having such a good winter, sure beats Michigan and all the snow.

  3. Great fish nick! We are enjoying Florida through your pictures.
    Love ya deb


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