Monday, February 11, 2013

Homegrown Strawberries



Strawberry season is getting in full swing here in southern Florida, thanks to the beautiful weather!  There’s a U-pick farm in Bonita Springs, so we decided to pick some strawberries after mass on Sunday.  We arrived at Farmer Mike’s, picked up two boxes and headed out into the field.

Farmer Mike's U-pick

The strawberry beds were slightly raised and covered with weed fabric, which made it pretty easy to pick berries.

Nice clean rows, easy for picking

Tom and Nicolas went down one row, and Bryce and I headed down a different row. 

Tom and Nick are eating almost as much as they put in the box

The plants looked great, and the berries were huge!

Great-looking strawberry plants

We had no problem filling both of our boxes . . .

Day 41_Farm Fresh Strawberries

and finding plenty to snack on!


Even after we picked our fill, Nick & Bryce couldn’t resist stopping for a bright red berry!

Hard at work


Once we had all the strawberries we wanted, we picked a few tomatoes, too.

Picking tomatoes

These tomato bushes were loaded!

Long rows of tomato plants

We also picked up cucumbers, peppers and an onion to go with our strawberries and tomatoes.  I love being able to get fresh local produce in February!!


  1. Ooo those look soooo good! We just ate store-bought strawberries here in Wisconsin. I am sure they were like eating pink plastic compared to the ones you have!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  2. When you get a chance, take a few minutes and watch the professional pickers go through a field. It doesn't take very long to pick an acre or two of strawberries.


  3. The strawberries look great! Wish Donna's fields were set up like that. Wearing white in the fields is pretty brave, but with fields that nice, ok, just don't wipe those hands on your shirt guys!
    Love, Tina

    1. Yes, we had the discussion about the white clothes . . . Bryce was the only one who got some on him! A little Spray & Wash took care of it! The fields were pretty cool . . . you still had to stoop over, but at least you didn't need to crawl. The strawberries were super-clean too!


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