Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fish Fry and getting ready to move

With all the fish that Tim and the boys caught last week, we decided it was time to host a fish fry potluck for the resident volunteers and the rangers.

Tim was the fry-master, juggling dual deep fryers – one with fish and one with french fries.

Fish Fryers

I manned another small fryer for hush puppies and chicken strips, and Denise supervised the gluten-free option, with Shirley’s help.

Shirley & Denise

Denise and Shirley also did a wonderful job of decorating for our dinner party,

Centerpiece by Denise

and Gloria & Maryann set up the buffet table.

Maryann & Gloria arranging food

In addition to the fish, fries, and hush puppies, we had rice, beans, macaroni & cheese, salad, fruit, cornbread, coleslaw . . . and then there were the desserts!  Multiple pies and brownies . . . nobody left hungry!


Time to eat!

Everybody digs in!

In addition to all the great food, we had a wonderful gathering of friends – volunteers and park staff alike.

Tom & Katie

Deby & Ken











Corey & Laura










Maryann & PJ

Tom, Matt & Tim

The rest of this past week has been spent on getting ready to pack up and move north.  Nicolas washed and waxed the RV,

Day 55_Cleaning up

and got it all sparkling clean and ready to roll!


Tom wrapped up a few projects here at the park, and helped Nicolas check out the tires on all the vehicles.  Tomorrow we’ll finish cleaning up the RV and I’ll get the laundry done, and we’ll be ready to hit the road!

We’re excited to be on the move again, but will also miss all of our new friends here at Lovers Key.

Volunteer Conference

Last night we took a sunset ride to the beach with Deby & Ken, and enjoyed a spectacular view!


On the way home, we spotted a Night Heron in the canal.

Night Heron

As if they know we’re leaving, the manatees have been extra active this week.  This morning, Tom and I walked to the ranger station, and there were a group of about 10 manatees in the middle of the canal having quite the party!  It’s apparently mating season for manatees . . . too bad I didn’t have my camera with me!  Maybe they’ll be back out there tomorrow;  if not, I’ll just have to wait until we come back down here again!


  1. Wow, you had a great winter!! Love the photo of the boys with the sunset in the background:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  2. Great pictures..Glad you enjoyed your stint at Lovers Key. Good to see picture of Tim and Denise, it's been awhile since I have seen them at Topsail..
    Travel safe.

  3. Sure a great first winter on the road, and it looked like the perfect ending with all your new friends. Wishing you all safe travels.

  4. That buffet meal looks like quite the spread! Safe travels to you when you move again. I'd love to see photos of the manatees in the canal there if you can catch them.

    1. Murphy's Law . . . if I take my camera with me on a walk, they are not around; If I don't take it with me, they are all over the place! My son got some video on his Ipod, and is supposed to send it to me, so I'll try to post it.


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