Friday, February 8, 2013

Flea Market and Ice Cream

Flea Market

The boys and I finished work and school by noon today, so we could all go with Tim to the flea market in Ft. Myers.  We weren’t looking for anything in particular, just thought we’d check it out.  This first building is a series of individual tables that people can rent for the weekend – kindof like a big indoor community garage sale.  It wasn’t completely full yet, and we didn’t see anything that we needed, although there were a variety of interesting products . . .

Ninja Supplies?

No bad hair days!

Maybe Tom could use this hat to protect his head!

New hair!

From here, we ventured into the vendor building, where Tom did find a pair of cushioned sunglasses to wear when he rides his motorcycle.  There were a few nice “shops” . . . like this guitar shop,

Day 39_Guitar Store

a hardware store, a game shop that was pretty neat, and a kitchen shop where they had lots of cool stuff . . . I could have found lots of things to buy there if I still had a big kitchen!

Old Bottles

While I was browsing in the kitchen shop, the guys were taking a break from all the shopping.

Taking a break

Shopping for a new fishing pole

Tim had told us that there was usually a guy there selling used fishing poles, which Bryce wanted to check out, but he wasn’t there, so we stopped at a fishing supplies shop, instead.  He checked out some of the fishing poles, but didn’t see anything worth buying.

He did find a sports store that had Michigan State stuff, so he bought a Spartan tervis tumbler with the last of his Christmas money . . . I guess it was burning a hole in his pocket!



Maybe he should have bought one of these guys!


We had eaten lunch before we arrived, but if we hadn’t, this looked like a cute spot to get something to eat!

A nice spot for lunch!

We saw lots of cute garden decorations, including these flamingos that I just had to get pictures of for my brother-in-law, Danny!

Birthday Party Flamingo












This one is made out of an old tire and wheel!

Firestone Flamingo

There were several people selling produce, and even a U-pick strawberry “farm” onsite.  They grow strawberries in these containers, which is really pretty cool.

Container Strawberries


I considered picking some strawberries (they looked pretty good), but they were $4.00/lb., which is awfully high, especially for U-pick!  There are a couple of actual U-pick farms in Bonita Springs, and I think we’re going to check them out after mass on Sunday, so I’ll get my strawberries then.

We did buy a gigantic honeydew melon for $3.00 . . . hopefully it’s good!



That pretty much wrapped up the flea market for us, so we headed back to the truck, passing by the “Used Car” portion of the flea market on our way out.

Nicolas is looking!

Nicolas liked this older Mustang, and both of the boys thought this utility cart was pretty cool!

That's quite a utility cart!

Leaving the flea market, we decided to take our chances on going through Fort Myers Beach on the way back.  Traffic can be pretty bad in the afternoon, but we wanted to look for an ice cream shop on the way back, and we couldn’t do that on I-75!

Surprisingly, traffic wasn’t too bad, and just before we got to the bridge to Ft. Myers Beach we saw the “Love is Ice Cream” shop, so we stopped in for a “little” snack.

Our new favorite ice cream shop!

Their ice cream was homemade (YUM!), and their “small” cones were not very small!

YUM - Now that's an ice cream cone!

We all enjoyed our ice cream cones,

The guys enjoying their treat!

and Bryce felt right at home amongst all of the team pennants, including several from Michigan!

Spartan Pennant

We crossed the bridge with no problem,

Shrimp Boats

and made our way back to the park.  Nobody was going to be hungry for dinner after our snack, so I guess we’ll have to have our chicken tomorrow! 


  1. That ice cream sure looks like a good way to wrap up a busy day.

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  2. what a great day you all had! and the ice cream was a delicious ending!

  3. I remember that flea market. Sylvia and Ray took us there. Hag u gone to Manatee Island?
    Love Tina

  4. I always enjoy looking at what all is available at flea markets, yet I almost never buy anything.

  5. The flea market looked really neat, very interesting. The Ice Cream looked even better! We love the Ft Myers area, especially this time of year!!


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