Friday, June 14, 2013

Bar D Chuckwagon

Before I tell you about last night’s event, I have to mention that today is Nicolas’ 17th birthday . . . WOW – It seems like just yesterday he was my little baby, and now he’s all grown up!

Nicolas Gimmarro

Happy Birthday, Nicolas!!!

Bar D Wranglers

OK, so one of the touristy things to do around here is the Bar D Chuckwagon Supper in Durango.  The old chuckwagon

The owner of the Bar D is very generous and gives the local campgrounds each a number of complimentary tickets for the workampers.  In addition, one of our workamper couples used to live in Durango near the Bar D, and are friends with the owner, and they arranged for our group to get half-off admission on the remainder of our tickets!  So, at almost 1/4 of the normal price, it was a great deal . . . heck, it was a good deal at full price!



We had 23 people in our group, and we all met up at the Bar D around 6:30 – that gave us plenty of time to look through the various shops,

Checling out the shops










and listen to some pre-show entertainment while we waited for our dinner.

The Wranglers entertain before dinner, too

Tools from the trail










The folks at the Bar D have been putting on this dinner and show since 1969, and they’ve pretty much got it down to a science!  In the large open-air seating area, they can seat 700 people . . . and feed all of them within 30 minutes!

Dinner and Theatre Seating Area

Since it was Wednesday, and early in the season, there weren’t nearly that many people there last night – maybe 250.  Promptly at 7:30, they rang the dinner bell and we all lined up to get our dinner.  We had a choice of BBQ chicken or beef, along with a baked potato, beans, biscuit, applesauce and spice cake.  Once everybody had been through the line, anyone was welcome to go back for 2nds . . . not too many needed 2nds!  since I had the chicken for my dinner, I went back up for a sample of the beef – both were really good!

By 8pm, everyone had been fed and the tables cleared, and it was time to start the show.  The Bar D Wranglers consists of 4 guys --


Gary - 25 years with the Wranglers


Matt, the fiddler


Low Riders in the Sky!













and Joel – the boys really got a kick out of Joel – he was the comedian of the group!

Joel - he was hilarious!

These guys were great musicians and terrific entertainers!  We all really enjoyed the show!  On the way out, Nick & Bryce even insisted that we buy their DVD, so we could watch it some more at home – they each had a favorite song . . . me, too!

Towards the end, Sy – the founder and owner of the Bar D, joined the Wranglers on stage.  Sy - Founder and General Manager of the Bar D Chuckwagon

He thanked everyone for coming, and they wrapped up the evening with a patriotic medley that was very moving.







Bar D Wranglers with Sy

We really enjoyed the evening, and are grateful to Pat & Bill (fellow workampers) for arranging the outing for our group!

Our host & hostess -- Pat and Bill


  1. all u can eat bbq...myson would be in heaven
    great post. really nice of owner to do tha for all of u

  2. Great way to spend time with newly made friends and it surely looked like something everybody could enjoy. Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Happy Birthday to Nicholas. Keep him away from the girls, oh, till he's about 35. It's best that way.

  4. Happy Birthday Nicolas!!! Great way to celebrate your special day:o))


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