Monday, June 17, 2013

Nicolas’ Day–Durango Car Show


I didn’t have to drag Nicolas out of bed on Saturday morning . . . he was up and ready to go first thing in the morning!  There was a Classic Car Show in Durango from 10 – 3, and he didn’t want to miss any of it! 

We found a place to park downtown, and walked a couple of blocks to where Main St. was blocked off for the show.  There were lots of great looking cars, and definitely no shortage of favorites!

We are slightly biased towards Fords . . . Ford Grill

Nice Thunderbird - different color!











both cars and trucks . . . .

Nice old Ford truck

Turquoise Truck











and Nicolas always gravitates towards the Mustangs!

A couple of nice Mustangs!

This one was called a Ford Pickup, but we’ve never seen anything like it before!     They called it a Ford Truck!









There were some other interesting cars, too,

Ready for the beach!

Rare AMX











and even some bikes!  Bikes, too!

We’ve seen these before, but this one was really cute!

Workin' under the hood!

In addition to all the great cars, they also had some tents with kids’ activities . . . it looked like lots of fun!

Kid Activity - Legoland

Kid Activity - Bounce House









Kid Activity - BMX Track

After we had our fill of old cars, we stopped in the Historic Strater Hotel,

Strater Hotel

to check out the Lobby, which we had heard was very beautiful.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Sitting Area








It was beautiful, with nice woodwork and lots of antique furniture.

From there, we stopped in at the Train Station to check for deals on the Durango-Silverton Train.  They don’t have any discounts, but the woman in the ticket office did give us some good tips  -- Sunday is apparently the best day to go (with the exception of Father’s Day!), and she recommended taking the bus ride up to Silverton and the train ride back to Durango, so that’s probably what we’ll do . . . maybe next weekend!

We got back to the RV Park in the late afternoon, with just enough time for the boys to rest and have some dinner before they had to go to work.

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  1. nice day for a car show! glad that you all made the most of it!!


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