Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scouting for Jeep Trails

We have a Jeep reserved for tomorrow, so we went out today to check out some trails and make a plan for tomorrow.  The guy at the rental place recommended Hell’s Revenge and Fins ‘n’ Things in the Sand Flats Recreation Area, although several other people thought those were for more experienced off-road drivers.  We were told that we could drive Sand Flats Road in our car, so we went there first to see what the trails looked like.

Entering the Sand Flats

Sand Flats Recreation Area









The first trail we came to was Hell’s Revenge . . . and it looked a little intimidating!

Entrance to Hell's Revenge

Hell's Revenge










Shall we try Hell's Revenge??!!

OK, we probably won’t try that one!

We passed a few campsites,


and then came to the Fins ‘n’ Things Trail. 

Maybe Fins'n' Things Trail is more our speed!

This one looks a little easier, so we may try it!  Nicolas and Bryce definitely want to!

As we were driving out of the loop, we saw these guys turning in, and we figured they were probably heading to Fins ‘n’ Things, so we followed them back in!

Here come some Jeeps -- We'll watch them!

We watched as they entered the trail,

Entering Fins 'n' Things

and as they climbed the slickrock.

Climbing the slickrock











We continued along the Sand Flats Road, climbing in elevation as we progressed, and passing through some narrow passageways.

One Lane Road

Driving through the rocks

We passed by the Porcupine 4x4 Trail, the Porcupine Rim Trail, and the Juniper Campground, and continued up the mountain road . . . at it got steeper and curvier!

Juniper Campground

Sharp Curves & Steep Climbs!

The road was still pretty smooth, so no problem for the car, but it was getting narrow and we were hoping that we didn’t meet anybody coming the other way!

Almost to the peak!

We probably could have continued, but there weren’t anymore trails to look at, and Tom didn’t want to stress the car too much on the way down . . . as it was we had a 10% grade to deal with!

Time to go back down!

Concentrating on the road!

Tom kept his eye on the road on the way down, and carefully maneuvered through the numerous switchbacks, and we made it down the grade with no problem . . . I’m glad we got the brakes replaced back in Albuquerque!



Sharp Turns

On the way back down, we stopped at the Porcupine Rim Trail and took a short walk along the trail,

Information Board

after a stop in the bathroom!

Pit Toilets - actually pretty nice!










4x4 Trail - No, we didn't take the car down here!

This 4x4 trail is definitely NOT one to take the car on!

Porcupine Rim Trail

Along the way, we found some interesting crevices in the rock . . .

We found a cliff dweller!











We found a place to sit & rest!

We made our way back out of the Recreation Area, and had a great view of Moab on the way out!


Another trail that we’ve had lots of recommendations on is Shafer Trail.  We wanted to make sure we knew where it was, so we headed north out of Moab until we reached Potash Road.

Potash Road

Potash Road follows the Colorado River along the base of the canyon, with the canyon walls rising up along the side of the road.

Canyon Wall along the Colorado River



Potash Road is an easy, paved drive, and we passed by several Ancient Indian Writings,

and Jug Handle Arch.

Jug Handle Arch

We saw this Police Helicopter circling over us several times, and were glad they weren’t looking for us!

Search & Rescue Helicopter

Based on what we saw today, and some people we talked to, we think we have a pretty good plan for tomorrow . . . check back to see how we do!


  1. Looks like a great place for a jeep adventure. Have fun but be careful;o))

  2. Looks like you had a fun day of exploring today and you'll be having even more fun tomorrow exploring in the jJeep. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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