Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving Day–Mancos, CO to Moab, UT

Our last weekend at Echo Basin Ranch was quiet – Tom didn’t have too much to do, but the boys were scheduled to work 2 weddings and I spent some time at the pool . . . now that it’s finally open!

Tom and I also wandered over to the banquet center to check out the wedding.  It was a cowboy wedding, with everybody in cowboy boots,

Wedding Party - in boots and hats



including the adorable flower girl,

Little flower girl

and the bride was even wearing a cowboy hat!

Even the bride was in cowboy boots and a hat!

Then there were the bakers, assembling the cake in the back of their Smart Car in the parking lot!

Bakers assembling the cake in the parking lot

We enjoyed one more view of the horses across the road,


Horses in the playground










and the mule deer in the alfalfa field behind the RV!


Deer in the alfalfa












We were supposed to stay a couple more weeks, but changed our travel plans when all the wildfires started springing up around Colorado.  We decided that we would attempt a visit to Yellowstone and the Tetons, and that took a considerable amount of effort to find RV Parks that had room for us . . . in July!  Once we had those secured, we worked backwards to come up with a travel plan that required us to get back on the road today.

Our upcoming travels

We enjoyed our time in Mancos – there was a lot to do, and the location was beautiful – but the “workamping” situation wasn’t exactly what we expected and the campground wasn’t quite what it was advertised to be, either.  We’ll make sure we complete a review at, so future workampers will have a better idea of what they are getting themselves into!

Today we completed the first leg of our journey, pulling out of Echo Basin Ranch at 9:45am . . . we took CO 160 west to Cortez, where we picked up CO 491 north.  It was an easy drive, and before long we were crossing the state line into Utah!

Another new state - Utah

After making the turn on Highway 191 in Monticello, UT, the landscape began to change to the red, rocky ground that Utah is known for.


We continued north with the La Sal Mountains on our right and Canyonlands National Park on our left . . . the scenery was beautiful!

Wilson Arch

La Sal Mountains











Just before we reached Moab, we passed through a couple of construction zones, but they didn’t delay us too much.

Highway 191

Finally, around 1pm, we pulled into the OK RV Park, and got checked in at the office.


It’s a cute little RV Park, close to town, but away from the crowds . . . and we were surprised to find that the workampers are fellow RV-Dreamers!  Small World!

We got settled into our site,

Site #50 OK RV Park

and had some lunch before taking a drive into Moab to pick up some groceries and information on things to do during our week here.  I think we’re going to be plenty busy!!


  1. enjoy your stay, I am sure that this week will be filled with many blogworthy events!

  2. Another work-camping job gone awry? :(

    Early on we had the advice from veteran camp-hosting/work-campers to stick to the public-parks, and our (limited) experience reflects that.

    We stayed at that RV park while in Moab as well - it's a nice place and reasonable from what I recall. We met another traveling family there totally by accident.

    Going to rent a Jeep while there? It's a hoot! Also much to do in Moab.

    1. We agree - volunteering at public parks seems to be the better way to go. We're renting a Jeep tomorrow, and the boys are really looking forward to it! We were out scouting potential trails today . . .

      This is a nice RV Park, and defintiely reasonable at the passport rate!

      Nicolas was also checking out the mountain bike trails in the Sand Flats Recreation Area . . .at 100+ degrees, it's pretty hot, though!

  3. That's an area of the country that I am so anxious to travel to and experience. Have fun!

  4. We did Fins and Things - I could have linked you to our blog but figure you're out doing it by now anyway. Hope you find some fellow Jeepers to caravan with - that's what we did and it worked out really well.


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