Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Day in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

Saturday was promising to be a beautiful day, a great day for a road trip!

We took a quick trip through Deland to locate the service facility where we’re having our electrical system checked next week, and then took Highway 92 – International Speedway Drive – into Daytona Beach.

As we approached the Speedway, we stopped in to take a look.

Daytona Speedway

Speedway Grandstand












We drove to the Visitor Center near the Grandstand, where we could hear cars flying by on the track.  That was loud by itself – can’t imagine what it must be like on a race day!


Because of the track activity, tours that day were not going onto the track, so we decided to just look around at the Visitor Center and did not go on a tour.



Walkway of Champions . . .












Founders and Superstars . . .



Daytona Speedway

Race Cars and Pace Cars

In the Visitor Center

Pace Car











Even though we’re not necessarily “NASCAR Fans”, it’s a pretty impressive place!

Dale Sr.

From the Speedway, we drove out to the beach. 

We didn’t take the car out on the beach,

Driving onto the beach

but at this quiet time of year, we found a parking spot one block back and walked down to the beach.

Vehicle Area

Nice day, but not too many people in the water










On this sunny but somewhat cool afternoon, there were a few people enjoying the sun, but not many in the water.

Birds on Posts

Not even the birds!

Birds at the Beach

We walked along the beach to the pier,

Daytona Beach Pier









where there were lots of people taking advantage of the beautiful day to do some fishing.

Fishing on the pier

This guy pulled in a bonnet-head shark as we walked up.  It looked like a mini-hammerhead to us – the fisherman was explaining the differences to Tom.

Bonnet Shark










It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the abundant sunshine!


From the beach, we made our way to the Angell-Phelps Chocolate Factory, where they promised tours . . . and free samples!

Chocolate - yum!

We were just in time for the next tour, along with about 30 other people!  They actually had to split us into 2 separate tour groups.  Unlike the Kilwin’s Tour that we went on in Michigan, we did not get to enter the factory (so no hair nets!) – we viewed the process from windows while our guide, Nick, entertained us with company history, the candy-making process, and a fair amount of dry humor!

Angell-Phelps was founded by 2 ladies in 1925 in Mackinaw City, Michigan, who eventually sought out warmer weather and moved theor company to Florida.

Much of the equipment in the kitchen was moved from the Michigan location, including the 2 big copper pots (probably Upper Peninsula copper!), and the scale.

Vintage Kitchen

This machine keeps the white chocolate at the perfect temperature.

Keeping white chocolate at the perfect temperature









We passed by the chocolate coating line, the cooling unit for those dipped chocolates, and the Quality Control and Packaging areas.

Quality Control and Packaging

Sample Time


Then it was sample time!  Look at that tray of samples!

Everybody received their choice of 2 samples – milk and dark chocolates, caramels, pretzels, and their signature item, chocolate covered potato chips.

We all took a potato chip and a caramel.  Bryce didn’t like the chip at all, Tom thought it was OK, and I thought it was pretty good.  We all liked the caramels!



After our little snack, it was time to find someplace for dinner.  I seached on my phone, and we decided to try Aunt Catfish’s on the River in Port Orange.












We walked on the pier as we waited for our table.

Port Orange

You know it must be good when there’s a 40 minute wait at 3:30 in the afternoon!

We finally got seated, and enjoyed our delicious meals served on fish plates!

Dinner on a fish plate

Bryce was the most adventurous, ordering gator bites!

Bryce eating gator bites











On the way back to the RV Resort, we were treated to a beautiful sunset!

Sunset_January 16

Sunset_January 17


  1. Fun day!! Always heard that gator taste like chicken...what do you thing Bryce???

    1. Bryce says yes, tastes like chicken! . . . but kindof tough.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Daytona Beach.
    Even though we were within a mile of the Raceway it was undergoing major construction so we couldn't even get on site.
    Early April you'll find the beach packed with University and College students for the Cheerleader Competitions.
    Going to miss you this year. Maybe next year on the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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