Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting Nicolas settled into his new home . . . Casey, too!

Nicolas' building

Nicolas’ last phase of school was scheduled to be in Charleston again, but he needed to find an apartment to live in, as there are only enough barracks for the first 2 phases, and housing is only available for married sailors.  He was fine with that, so he and a classmate toured several apartment complexes in the area, and they decided on a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment in the Cypress River Apartments.  It’s a really nice gated complex, about 15 minutes from the base, and close to shopping, restaurants, church, and everything else he needs.

It’s a new complex, only about 2 years old, and has lots of nice amenities and social activities.


The office has a lobby, lounge & kitchen area,


fitness center,

Fitness Room

and access to the pool area – a really nice pool!

Around the pool

Too chilly to be in the pool today











Nicolas’ building is right next to the pool.

The side of Nicolas' building

They got a really good deal, too . . . by signing a lease in mid-December, they were able to leave their stuff in the apartment when they both travelled home for Christmas, but didn’t have to start paying rent until January 1st.

When we returned after Christmas, our first job was to find some furniture for them.  Nicolas ordered a new mattress online, but we still needed to find a frame and box spring for him.  They also wanted to find a couch for the living room and a table & chairs for eating.  They’re only here for about 8 months, though, and probably won’t keep any of the furniture they buy, so our goal was to find usable furniture that was clean, and for as little $$ as possible.

Nicolas searched craigslist, but wasn’t finding too much at prices they were willing to pay, and the few things he did find, the people didn’t answer his call or call back.  So, we spent the next several days shopping at every thrift store within 30 miles.  We ended up having the best luck at several Habitat for Humanity ReStores – they had the most options for furniture.

Once we settled on the pieces to buy, Nicolas rented a U-Haul truck, and he and Tom picked everything up.

New furniture

They have living room furniture now . . . and two kitchen tables!  The one they bought, and one they found out by the dumpster the next day!!  Now they can sell one of them . . . I think they are going to keep the one in the picture.  Once they had furniture, we went shopping for a few other essentials – dishes, pots & pans, utensils and other miscellaneous items . . . and groceries.  I went shopping with Nicolas at the commissary, and about put him in shock . . . he’s not used to filling a cart!!

They have a really nice kitchen,


Kitchen, too


and even their own laundry room.


It’s going to be a really great place for them!

We ended up staying a couple extra days after Nicolas reported for Prototype, so he could see what his schedule was going to be and make sure that it would work out for him to keep Casey.  He’s going to have a delay before his actual training starts, and his schedule will actually be pretty light during that time . . . and even after he gets started, he should never have longer than a 12-hour day, so he decided that he would keep Casey with him.

All moved in!


She seemed to be pretty comfortable in the apartment, even going up all the stairs to the 3rd floor, and she gets along ok with his roommate, so, I think she’ll like it there. 

They have walking paths, and a couple of dog parks, and even a dog washing station!

Nicolas is happy to have her with him, and Tom is REALLY happy to not have her in the motorhome, so it’s a WIN-WIN situation.  We may end up getting her back next year when he gets assigned to a ship, but until then, everybody’s happy . . .

Casey making herself at home

With them settled into their new home, it was time for us to get back on the road.  After an overnight stop at Walkabout Camp in Woodbine, GA, we’re finally enjoying warmer Florida weather!  We’re set up for a few days at the Orange City RV Resort . . . ready to relax a little!

Orange City RV Resort


  1. nice that Nicholas has a lovely new home! and good that Casey will enjoy living in a condo!

  2. Place looks great.. Good luck to Nicolas!


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