Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flashback–Fort McAllister Winter Muster–December 12, 2015

Union Soldiers gather before the attack

Back before we left Ft. McAllister, they had an event called the “Winter Muster”.  It was a re-enactment of the day that Sherman’s Army attacked and captured Ft. McAllister.

Tom and I rode down to the Fort to watch the action up-close and ended up in the line of rangers, keeping the crowd back at a safe distance.

Our job was to keep the spectators back at a safe distance










The Union soldiers lined up to prepare for the attack.

Lining up for attack

They marched from their camp to the north side of the Fort.  Other troops were approaching from other sides of the Fort, until Fort McAllister was surrounded on three sides.

The march begins

Preparing to attack










The soldiers wait for the signal to begin the attack.

Waiting for the signal

Cannons fire in the distance, and the battle has begun.  As the soldiers advance, the crowd follows at a safe distance.

Beginning to exchange fire

Overtaking camp










The Fort is overtaken by Sherman’s Army, and the Confederates surrender Fort McAllister . . . leading to the capture of Savannah, as well.

The Union captures the Fort

The battle of Ft. McAllister is over

Following the battle, the spectators were allowed to explore the Fort and ask questions of the re-enactors.

There were a few more cannon demonstrations,

Cannon demonstrations

and we hung out with the re-enactors for awhile.

Cooking dinner


Tom and Scarlett

It was a fun way to wrap up our stay at Ft. McAllister, and it can’t hurt to pick up a little history, too!

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