Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Gathering of friends and moving on

Our last couple days at Wilderness RV Resort were kindof rainy and dismal, but we still managed to get outside during breaks in the rain.  We finally made it over to Sweet Jane’s to check it out . . . and walked into whoopie pie heaven!

There were traditional whoopie pies and whoopie cookies with cream centers,


and then there were whoopie pies and whoopie cookies with ice cream centers – YUM!


Bryce tried a snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich, and I had a whoopie pie with cherry ice cream . . . they were both good!

On Thursday, Howard and Linda planned a small informal gathering of RV-Dreamers.  We met Tina & Steve from Ohio, not yet fulltiming, Lee & Edie, fulltimers since 2008 (I think), and Susan and Gary, new fulltimers who own a lot in Wilderness Resort.  Susan has been following my blog for years (She said – I know you – Roaming Free! -- that’s pretty cool when you meet somebody and they already know you!!).  Then there was the 3 of us, Howard & Linda, and Kris & Dan, who although we just met them this week, we feel like we’ve known forever! 

Everyone brought snacks and drinks, and we just hung out and talked while the rain poured down!

Lee & Dan, Linda, Susan and Edie


Steve, Tom and Howard



Howard was looking a little lonely over there,

so Bryce went over to talk sports with him!


Lots of RV maintenance talk going on in this little group!!


We had a really nice week here – met up with several old friends and made some new friends, but today it was time for us to move on.  We had a beautiful travel day, and a nice short drive – 77 miles!

We were all set up at Camper’s Holiday Travel Park in Brooksville, FL in plenty of time for me to call into a meeting and get some work done in the afternoon.

Camper's Holiday - site 37

It’s a nice little park with a campground on one side, and a neighborhood of park model campers and small homes on the other side.

Our neighborhood corner









In the middle is a park and a nice big pool.

At the pool

We might have warm enough weather this weekend to try it out!

There’s also a small fishing lake,













although apparently there’s a resident alligator to watch out for – we haven’t seen it yet!

Do not feed the alligator!

We’ve got a fun weekend planned – places to go and more old friends to catch up with – looking forward to it!

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  1. Old Friends, New Friends, RVers are all friends. Glad you got to spend some time visiting. Hopefully our paths will cross again down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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