Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Around the Resort and dinner with RV-Dreamer friends


After a rainy Friday and a chilly Saturday, the weather took a turn for the better on Sunday, and we had sunny skies and warmer temperatures.

Tom and I decided to take a bike ride around the park and check out the bike path down by the river.     Bike Trail


The first section of the trail is maintained for golf carts, so it’s wide and smooth and clear of obstacles.  Our hybrid bikes did pretty good – we just had to watch out for occasional tree roots.






The river was peaceful on Sunday afternoon,

At the river











and we were the only ones on the trail.

Tom on the trail

Obstacles on the trail


After a short distance, the maintaned section of trail ended and we found ourselves on a narrow trail, often muddy, and sometimes with obstacles in our path.



We still did OK, and our bikes made it all the way back to the river at the beginning of the trail.





Monday afternoon was even nicer, with temperatures near 70 degrees and bright sunny skies.  Our friends, Walt & Tina, who we first met at the RV-Dreams Reunion Rally and have met up with several times since then, came by for a visit.

We sat out in the sun getting caught up for awhile, and then took a walk through the RV Resort.  We stopped to check out one of the pools.













Pretty nice!


There are several of these furry-looking trees in the park.  Much of the trunk and main branches are completely covered by air plants.


It looks really cool!





We walked through the motorhome section of the park, and down to the river again.  20160125_145018

There was a guy fly fishing on the bank this time.



We decided to walk along the first part of the trail.

Balancing Act

Bryce saw an orange in a tree, and decided he would try to knock it out.  With a little help from Tom, he got it!

Trying to knock down an orange

It was really nice to get caught up with Walt & Tina, hear about their travel plans and their new pickelball habit!

Shivering Frosty


On the way back to our site, we passed this guy . . . with the temperatures warming up this week, I think it’s almost time for him to get packed away!







We were all getting hungry, so we caught up with more RV-Dreamers, Kristina & Dan, and all went to a local Bar & Grill for burgers.  Most of us had the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, which was really good!

Dinner with friends

It was a great afternoon, spent with good friends!

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  1. Always fun when Dreamers get together!!! We seem to be at opposite ends of the state again;o((


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