Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Camping Fun -- Just Like Old Times

Reed Bingham State Park

It’s not quite time to be heading all the way north, but Nicolas had a 4-day weekend coming up so we made plans to meet him in Georgia, at Reed-Bingham State Park, north of Valdosta.

Nick needed to stay within 350 miles of Charleston, and we had a 5 day camping pass for GA State Parks (received at the completion of our volunteer position at Fort McAllister), so I looked at several parks in southern Georgia.  Reed-Bingham has one loop with full hookup sites, including cable, and a brand new bath house.

New bath House

It was close to I-75, and had hiking trails, a swimming beach,

Swimming Beach

and fishing and kayaking on the lake.


Nicolas loves the atmosphere of a state park, and we wanted him to be able to put up his tent for himself and Casey.

We left Melbourne on Wednesday morning, and after an overnight stay in Lake City, FL, we had a short drive to Reed-Bingham.  We got checked in and presented our volunteer certificate as payment.  Yay – 5 nights free!

We drove through the full hookup loop (Loop 2) to select a site.  We had to choose carefully – not every site is full hookup, but those that are have a yellow marker on the post.  Some are 30 amp and some are 50 amp, and the 50 amp sites have green paint on the top of their post.  We didn’t notice that at first! 

We picked one site,backed in, got leveled, put the slides out and Bryce started hooking up the utilities when he noticed that it was only 30 amp!  It was supposed to be in the mid-80s all weekend and I have to cook inside (because Tom still hasn’t replaced our grill!!!), so we definitely wanted 50 amp.

The next site over was 50 amp, but it was a semi-circle pull-thru, which Tom doesn’t really like, but we decided to move over.  Since the site was to the left of the one we were on, we had to pull forward into the road and back into the pull-thru site. 

Bryce decided that he wanted to try backing the RV up, so Tom did the guiding this time!

Tom guiding Bryce as he backs in

Leveling the coach


He got it backed into the site, lined it up with the utilities, and then Tom instructed him on the leveling process.

Yay!  Good Job, Bryce!







We had lunch, got some work done, and around 4pm Nicolas arrived.

We had a nice big site

Plenty of room!!

The boys got to work putting up the tent,

Getting the tent set up











and Bryce decided that he would stay in the tent, also.  Just like our old camping days!


It was so nice to all be together for the weekend, and we were looking forward to lots of fun!

Home Sweet Home


  1. Great looking park and site... What's not to love with the whole family together!!!

  2. Always nice when the whole family is there and enjoying a park. If you tour the nature trails there are some that are rough others we'll marked others mostly boardwalk.
    Unfortunately the rough ones are not well marked and we nearly got lost back there. We had the site on the end of your loop near the tortoise lot.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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