Friday, March 25, 2016

Hanging out in Carrabelle


The rest of our week in Carrabelle was mostly just spent hanging out at the RV Park.  We had a few rain showers, and the no-seeums were brutal in the mornings and evenings, but we managed to get out and about a few times.

We’ve taken walks along the dock in the Carrabelle River,












and walks along the beach.

Walking the beach


During one of our walks on the beach, we met a fisherman . . .

from Iowa.

Fisherman from Iowa

I’ve never really understood surf fishing.  How does the line and hook stay out in the water and not get washed up on shore?  They say it’s just that little weight that they put on the line that keeps it in place . . . I’m not sure how it works!!

Apparently it does, though . . . he was catching fish!

He caught one!

We followed this little guy as he walked along the beach,


if we got too close, he’d run up on the dry sand until we passed, and then would come back down to the water’s edge.













We met some more people on the beach one day, who were from MI.  They had been sailing on their sailboat for the last 10 months, and had just sold it in Carrabelle and were spending a few days on the beach before they went back home.  They lead quite the adventurous life!











Sunset_March 20th


We had some beautiful sunsets in Carrabelle.  The RV Park has a viewing deck at the swimming pool that gives you a view of the surrounding area, and is a great spot for getting sunset pictures.








Sunset reflecting on the wiregrass










We could see all the way out to where the canal reached the bay.

Canal out to the ocean

Not to mention a nice view of the pool!

Overlooking the pool

One evening, we rode our bikes down to the Marina,



where there were boats in various stages of repair,


and some that looked like they had come here to die!














We had a nice visit on this forgotten coast of Florida – there are cute towns, beautiful beaches, and friendly people!

We may come back again someday . . . maybe we’ll do some fishing!

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