Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Take me out to the ballgame!

A beautiful day for baseball

Saturday was a beautiful day for baseball as we arrived at Space Coast Stadium,

Space Coast Stadium



home of the Washington Nationals in Melbourne, FL.  We arrived about an hour before the game started and got settled into our seats – Bryce picked pretty good ones, in the upper level along the first base line.






We watched as the teams warmed up, and the groundskeepers prepared the field.

Preparing the field


The temperature in the mid-70s was perfect, the sun wasn’t too intense and there was a nice light breeze, as the Nationals



hosted the Detroit Tigers.



Being from Michigan, we would consider the Tigers to be our “home team”, although Bryce’s current favorite player is Bryce Harper,



who plays for the Nationals. 

Technically, our seats were on the Nationals’ side, but I saw a LOT of Tigers T-shirts and hats around us!







The Tigers started off really strong, including several home runs,


but the Nationals followed up with several home runs of their own, and then the Tigers seemed to fall apart in the last couple of innings.

It was a good game, though,


with lots of action, and quite a few foul balls that came our way – including one that hit the handrail right in front of Tom and then bounced over our heads!

The Osprey in the nest on the lights didn’t like when a foul ball came his way, either!

Osprey Nest











Bryce kept yelling at me for bird-watching during the game, but there was a group of white pelicans that flew over our heads several times – I was trying to get a picture, but I kept missing them!

So . . . the Tigers ultimately lost to the Nationals . . . but it was a fun day!



  1. As the saying goes "You can't win them all" but it would be nice to try harder.
    Don't birds and balls both fall under the category of things that fly? LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you had a beautiful day and that ballpark looks like a really nice place also!!


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