Friday, March 11, 2016

Visiting friends at Sebastian Inlet

01 - Tom, Marci and Bryce

When we made our plans to come over to the east coast of Florida, we knew that our friends, Don & Carol, would still be volunteering as campground hosts at Sebastian Inlet State Park.  What we didn’t know was that our RV-Dreamer friends, Bill & Nancy, had arrived at Sebastian Inlet the same day that we arrived in Malabar.

So, we made plans to visit both of them after church on Sunday, and then we were going to check out the Grant Seafood Festival on the way home.

We arrived at their site around 11 am, and went for a walk to see the park.  Sebastian Inlet is a destination for fishermen, with access to both the Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean, and the locals come out there for every season.

Pelicans waiting for scraps at the cleaning station

There were lots of people fishing in the inlet, along the shore and by boat, and these pelicans were waiting for scraps.

Walking along the inlet, we crossed under Highway A1A, where there is a brand new fishing pier under the highway.

New fishing bridge

Apparently, this gives the fishermen a place to fish in the current of the inlet, but allows for a fence to be installed up on the highway bridge to keep people from jumping off the bridge into the water below.  I’m not sure why anybody would want to do that, but apparently it’s a problem!

At the beach

We watched birds fishing in the inlet,

(this was a really popular rock!)


Egret fishing





as well as people fishing from the pier.

Fishing from the pier

It was really windy, and the surf was very rough, so there weren’t too many people there,

Rough Water in the Inlet

or on the fishing pier on the other side of the inlet.

Fishig pier

There was some type of surf competition going on, and a few hearty souls battling the rough surf!




Despite the wind and the big waves, it was a beautiful day at the beach!

Rough surf










Bryce and Bill discussing college

Bryce and Bill were deep in conversation!  Smile

We really enjoyed our visit!


On the way back to the campground, we stopped in at the Fishing Museum.

Sebastian Fishing Museum











It’s a nice little museum, with lots of information on the history of the fishing trade in the Sebastian area.











We relaxed for a few minutes, and then walked back to Bill & Nancy’s site,


where we enjoyed a few snacks and continued to share stories from our travels, and our plans for the rest of the year.

In fact, we continued to talk for so long, that we were afraid we may have missed meeting up with Don & Carol.  Fortunately for us, though, they were still around when we finally said our good-byes to Bill & Nancy, and walked down the road to the host site.

We visited at their RV for a couple of hours, and then since we were all hungry, we decided to get some dinner together at a restaurant overlooking the beach.  It was dark by the time we got there, though, so we didn’t see much!  We had a great visit with them, though, and a delicious dinner!

It was a great day catching up with friends . . . even though we didn’t get to the Seafood Festival!


  1. It's nice to see that you are still busy seeing new things but still keeping busy visiting with friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We really appreciate your taking the time to come visit. Always great to catch up!! Safe travels and we hope your summer in Michigan is wonderful.

  3. Looks like Bryce is going to be happy as Sparty is in good position to go all the way in the NCAA.


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