Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Small Town Fun and hanging out with friends


On Saturday, after a lazy morning, we decided to visit the nearby community of Eastpoint, where the Fire Department was holding a Rib Cookoff for charity.  We texted Kris and Dan to see if they wanted to go, as well, and they said they would meet us there.

On the way, we stopped to check out the Crooked River Lighthouse.

Crooked River Lighthouse

Originally located on Dog Island, the lighthouse was damaged by hurricanes and eventually moved to Carrabelle and reconstructed.

Door to the lighthouse


OK, just a quick visit . . . Bryce was hungry for ribs!

We arrived at the Rib Cookoff around 1:30, and they were already SOLD OUT on dinners . . . because they had run out of baked beans and cole slaw that came with the dinners.  They told us to check with the guys in the back by the smokers, and we could get a rack of ribs for $20.

That sounded pretty good to us!

Checking out the ribs

There were several BBQ masters entered in the cookoff, and we visited several of their tents while waiting for Kris and Dan.














Those who were selling food, had run out as well, but a few had samples to offer from their “competition ribs”, and others told us to come back after the judging and they’d be able to sell their ribs.


We were getting pretty hungry, so we went ahead and got our ribs . . .

Time for lunch!

and they were good!!

By the time Kris and Dan got there, the ribs were gone, but we sat and listened to the music

Musical Entertainment

while the competitors waited to hear the results.

Waiting for the results

First palce!


Finally the winners were announced, and Dan was able to get some ribs for himself and Kris.  Tom got a few more samples, too!







We continued to listen to the music a little while longer, until it was time for us to go to mass.  On the way back from church, we stopped at the Ho Hum RV Park to visit a little while longer.

Hanging out with Kris and Dan

They have a pretty nice view!

Nice view of the Gulf!

The motorhome sites are the most popular in the RV Park, I think . . .


We talked about past travels and future plans – what else do RVers talk about??!! – and gave Bailey some much-needed attention Smile.

Bailey is very photogenic!

We visited until sunset,

Sunset_March 19th

and then only left because the no-seeums and mosquitoes were driving us away!  Safe travels, guys, and we’ll see you again somewhere!

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