Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 2 –Water, More Water, and Dunes


Day 2 was a busy day, starting with a trip to the beach.  After breakfast, we loaded up the Jeep with towels and snacks and drove a few miles up the road to the same little Lake Michigan beach that Tom and I had gone to a few weeks ago, Cedar Point County Park.

Stairs down to the beach


A short climb down from the parking lot led us to a small, beautiful beach.  There were a few more people there this time, but it was still very quiet and peaceful.

The water temperature now is in the mid-70s, and it was perfect – so refreshing on a hot day!





We all headed right into the water!

A great day to swim in Lake Michigan

We even managed to coax Diane into the water for a while, and all played catch.

Playing catch











Warming up on the beach for a while, we entertained ourselves by watching this dog run into the water after a float.  He was having so much fun!

This dog was having a blast in the water












Watching the action


It was a beautiful afternoon – a great day to be at the beach – soaking up the sun and playing in the water.








We went in again, this time with no hesitation . . . they dove right in!

Going back into the water

After a few hours at the beach, we headed back to the RV Resort to get cleaned up and play some cornhole before going to the golf course for Burger Night.

Playing cornhole


Bryce had no mercy for Aunt Diane or Uncle Dan, and he beat both of them in pretty quick games. 

Then it was Tom’s and my turn to play against each other . . . and it felt like our game was never going to end!  I guess we’re evenly matched!





We did a little relaxing!

After dinner, we headed down to the Wave Club, where Bryce had a pontoon boat for us to take out on a sunset cruise.

Getting the boat ready

Wave Club - where Bryce works










Our driver


We asked Bryce if he knew how to drive the boat . . . he figures he’s given the instructions so many times, he should know how to drive it!







We sat back and relaxed as he toured us around Silver Lake.

Enjoying our boat ride

Enjoying the boat ride

The dunes provide a barrier between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan, with the pedestrian area and the ORV area out in front of us,


and the privately-owned section of dunes where Mac Woods operates their dune buggy rides out to our left.

Mac Woods Dune Ride


Mac Woods Dune Ride


We circled the lake, past the dunes, the state park, and many cottages . . . including the one that is slowly being buried by moving sand! 


The owner is working really hard to keep that sand back!

After our tour of the lake, Bryce beached the boat at the base of razorback dune.

Bryce with Dan and Tom










Razorback Dune -- we're going up that!?!

It was time to climb to the top for sunset . . . Diane and Dan thought we were kidding!  We did go up the less steep side, though!

Yes, we are

We took our time, and made our way up the dune . . .

Taking a break


Uh! Oh!  Dan is on the ground!  He SAYS he fell on purpose!!

Uh! Oh!  Don't roll down that hill!

Diane and I thought he was going to go rolling down the backside of the dune!

They made it to the top . . .

They made it - and Dee and I are almost there!

and we were right behind them!


It was windy, and a little chilly, up there!  We took a few pictures while we waited for sunset.











We made it to the top!

There’s a beautiful view up there . . . Silver Lake on one side,

Silver Lake

and Lake Michigan on the other.

Lake Michigan in the distance

We had some time to kill before the sun would set, so Bryce ran back down to re-position the boat . . . and then climbed up the steep side of the dune!

Climbing back up the steep side

They all thought we weren’t going to have a good sunset, that it would be blocked by the clouds . . . but I knew we just needed to wait for the sun to drop below the clouds and then it would be pretty!  I wasn’t leaving until it did!

Tom and Dan decided to walk towards Lake Michigan,

Tom and Dan walking across the dunes

He found a piece of driftwood!


and Dan found a piece of driftwood that he could take home to put in his flowerbed! 

He was so excited . . . although he almost broke it by stabbing Diane in the back with it!






By the time they got back, the sun had dropped, and the sky was turning a beautiful orange color, with the sun reflected on Lake Michigan . . .


See what they would have missed if I hadn’t made them stay!

Sunset over Lake Michigan

We made our way back down . . . and nobody fell or rolled down the dune!  

Climbing back down the hill











Almost back down

When Bryce had re-positioned the boat, he got it pretty far up on the beach, so it took a bit of effort to launch it, but they managed and we made our way back to the Wave Club.


After returning the boat, we had one more stop on the way back to the RV Resort . . . Cosmic Candy . . . no trip to Silver Lake can be complete without stopping there!  Dan treated us to ice cream, and then we had a campfire back at the RV until everybody started falling asleep . . . it was a fun-filled, busy day!

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