Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finishing up a great weekend with a boat ride.

A nice evening for a boat ride

Once again, we were able to enjoy the benefits of Bryce’s summer job with a beautiful evening boat ride.  After a delicious dinner of ribs and corn, we all headed down to the Wave Club where we took a pontoon out on Silver Lake.

Captain Bryce


Captain Bryce skillfully navigated around the lake, while the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. 

Grandpa enjoying the boat ride

It was a quiet evening on the lake, with just one other pontoon and a wave runner enjoying the smooth water.

Cottages on the lake

Grandpa was enjoying the leisurely ride!

Tom and his Dad

After our tour of the lake, the kids wanted to swim, so we headed over to the beach at the dunes.

Bryce, Kathleen and Joe wasted no time getting in the water!

Taking a swim in Silver Lake

Bryce claims that Silver Lake is warmer than Lake Michigan, but I really don’t think so . . . it felt colder to me!

Going to climb the dune


After swimming for a while, Bryce and Joe decided to climb the dune and run down & dive into the lake.  OK . . . they have the energy for it!

They started up, and I waited with my camera at the bottom.






The lake and dunes look beautiful from this spot!

Calm lake on a beautiful evening

Meanwhile, while they were climbing up the steep side . . .

Joe and Tom were climbing up the less steep side . . . almost to the top!

Tom and Joe climbing the dune

They made it!


Bryce and little Joe met up with Big Joe . . . and then they headed down!

Joe running back down

Bryce is a little more radical than Joe!

Bryce jumping

Ending with a splash!

and diving!

Kim and Dad watched the antics from the safety of the boat . . .

Kim and Dad waited on the boat

Joe made it back down without incident, while the boys went back up for more,

Joe coming down, and the boys going back up!

and Tom and I climbed another dune for a different view.

On top of another dune











The view was beautiful from up here!

Looks like a postcard

What a great night!


The kids had their fill of swimming, and nobody else was up for climbing the dunes, so we decided to watch the sunset from the water.

We had a pretty good view!

Sun setting behind the boat

We enjoyed another couple trips around the lake,

Selfie attempt

Grandpa and Kathleen











and Bryce decided to go for a swim in the middle of the lake.

He's diving in!

We continued to watch the sunset as it dipped behind the dunes.

Sun setting behind the dunes

Sunset_August 14











Our position on the lake determined how much of the sun we could see.

Sunset_August 14

Sunset_Aug 14











It was a great sunset – nice than the one we had when Diane and Dan were here!

Beautiful sunset

When the sun finally disappeared from view, we turned the boat back in the direction of the Wave Club.

Back at the Wave Club

It was a beautiful night, and a great way to wrap up the weekend!


  1. Glad you're having some fun family time.
    Our sidebar hasn't been updating. I'll have to work on it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Bryce sure has some nice perks with that job. What a beautiful sunset. Wow! Becki

    1. He sure does! It was a great summer job for him - he loved it!


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